Manoel de Oliveira is the oldest active film director in the world and one of the most aventurous. He's the only alive director to have shoot at the time of the silents films. He's the best and prolific portuguese film-maker and one of the best of the world. And he's the most underrated film-maker in his own country ! Cabrões de portugueses do caralho.
And he celebrates today his 100th birthday !
More about the Maestro here (wikipedia) or here (the Guardian)

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Anonyme a dit…

I'm portuguese. Cabrões de portugueses do caralho - it's a bad taste from you. Hope you have more consideration. I'm just as cabrão do caralho as you.

armeur H a dit…

I'm portuguese too, and it's my blog : I'm free to write what I want. When most portuguese people spit on Oliveira, Joao Cesar Monteiro & Pedro Costa - who are among the best film-makers in the world - and when a mojority of portuguese assholes deicided to elect Salazar as the alltime's greatest portuguese (http://alicerabbit.blogspot.com/2007/03/vergonha.html), I'm free to write they are "Cabrões do caralho", and perhaps more.
You're free to take it for you or not.

Ruki444 a dit…

Section 1.rar is defective for me and won't unpack completely. I'll try downloading it once more.

Ruki444 a dit…

part7.rar is only 8.3mb
part8.rar is 27.7mb

I realize part 8 could be correct being the final file but presumably part7 should be 100mb as the rest of the files are.

Can you check this and perhaps repost part7?


armeur H a dit…

Sorry Ruki44 I don't have the time nor the patience to fix it. I'll see an alternative solution. but thanks for your support..