Reue Um Reue - RUR010 - 2 × LP, Limited Edition, Compilation

DISCOGS : "Born in late 1997 the Vienna-based Nový Svět set out to bring some confusion into the so-called industrial uniformity. The group is neither tied to any musical style nor to any language. Each of the five albums released (Rumorarmonio, Faccia a faccia, Cuori di petrolio, Venezia, Chappaqua) introduced the always growing audience to a new aspect of the group.
Nový Svět was one of the very first projects to be released on Albin Julius' Hau Ruck! label where it found a home for its own recordings but also for many collaborations with other groups from the label's roster (Mushroom's Patience, Dernière Volonté, Foresta Di Ferro). Until today, Nový Svět has been pushing the limits of musical categories aside to establish a unique mixture of folk, experimental and haunting neo-surrealism."

A1 Znaem ("Morava" tape, Junges Wien, JW03, 1998)
A2 Gloria Dos ("Nový Svět", tape, Junges Wien, JW02, 1997)
A3 Ruina (previously unreleased)
A4 Nada ("L'age D'or", LP, bootleg, 2003)
A5 Unus ("Todas Las Illusiónes", tape, Junges Wien, JW07, 1998)
B1 Último Paso (previously unreleased)
B2 Raíces ("Nový Svět", tape, Junges Wien, JW02, 1997)
B3 Sand [originally from Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra] ("Madonna Lights", tape, Junges Wien, JW05, 1998
B4 Ein Strick (previously unreleased)
B5 Día Y Noche ("L'age D'or", LP, bootleg, 2003)
B6 Animazone
B7 NoMeDiCe (previously unreleased)
C1 Meddeux (previously unreleased)
C2 No Volne Smery ("Todas Las Illusiónes", tape, Junges Wien, JW07, 1998)
C3 Sangre Y Arena ("Madonna Lights", tape, Junges Wien, JW05, 1998)
C4 Soledad II ("L'age D'or", LP, bootleg, 2003)
C5 No Más Palabras ("L'age D'or", LP, bootleg, 2003)
C6 Soledad I ("Todas Las Illusiónes", tape, Junges Wien, JW07, 1998)
D1 Morava ("Morava", tape, Junges Wien, JW03, 1998)
D2 Invocación A La Ciudad ("V/A - Exposition - Music Based On Futuristic Theories, Wien 1.998", tape, Junges Wien, JW06, 1998)
D3 Soledad Mi Única Belleza (previously unreleased)
D4 Axaxas Mloe ("Todas Las Illusiónes", tape, Junges Wien, JW07, 1998)
D5 That's Why I Love You ("Morava", tape, Junges Wien, JW03, 1998)

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OM - OM (RCA, 1979)

RCA - ZL 37244 - LP
Experimental and cosmical music made with metallic hand-made instruments built (like a psychedelic version of the structures sonores Lary-Baschet) by sculptor Guy BAUDAT & Luk DUCHATEAU in Gargilesse, Berry (south of Châteauroux, in the Centre of France), recorded & produced by Laurent THIBAULT (co-founder of french cult band Magma), who runned the Château d'Hérouville Studio
1 Sons Silence 11:28
2 Ombres 6:03
3 Paysages D'Âmes 17:40

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No Basement Is Deep Enough - NBIDE#1 - Cassette - Limited Edition
Split cassette with in the first side, the project of Angela Sawyer (weirdo records) & James Apt (Ultra Eczema label) and in the other side Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau, german duet who worked with ultra eczema, blossoming noise and smegma.
"Kommissar Hjuler (born Detlev Hjuler in 1967) is a sound recordist and visual artist from Flensburg, a town on the German border with Denmark. His intensely personal style is derived from neo dada, fluxus and art brut. Many of his recordings are made with his wife, Mama Bär, and his family (two sons). Kommissar Hjuler serves as a police officer in his community and for him, spare time, art and family are inseparable involvements. He is self-taught as an artist and began making music in 1999 and visual art in 2006." (discogs)

1 Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers – The Duck National Anthem
2 Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers – A Phone Conversation
3 Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers – How To Become A Switchboard Operator ?
4 Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers – Jed Speare's Mood
5 Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau – Come, Josephine
6 Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau – Forvandlingen (Käfer Remix)

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A.I.P.R 03 - 7" (555 copies)
Gerogerigegege is the noise project of 山之内純太郎 (Yamanouchi Juntarō) started in 1985. This single contains 84 tracks.
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