alice news: Michel Aubry's Exhibitions, Nantes and Pau.

Michel Aubry - "Mise en musique du kiosque de Melnikov + Animaux animés d'après Alexandre Rodtchenko"
jusqu'au 17 janvier 2011 au musée des beaux-arts de Nantes
Michel Aubry - Max Neuhaus "Diagonales : son, vibration et musique dans les collections du centre national des arts plastiques"
Galerie de l'Ecole supérieure des arts et de la communication de Pau
du 16 décembre 2010 au 28 janvier 2011

galerie Marion Meyer Contemporain
éditions MeMo
catalogue Michel Aubry


Merry Merry Xmas

2004 No-kill animals' song by anarcho-punk band from Châteauroux (Fred, Olivier, Dus).
Video directed by Fabrice Cotinat from La Galerie du Cartable/Châteauroux Underground.


alice news: Châteauroux Underground / Châteauroux pour tous (dec 2010)

Article sur La Galerie du Cartable (Fabrice Cotinat, David Legrand et Henrique Martins Duarte) /Châteauroux Underground à propos des "Dialogues Fictifs" et du tournage de la bande-annonce du "Le Corbusier/Dürer" avec Michel Aubry.



Anthony & Paul - A&P 01 - Limited to 1000 copies
"Anthony & Paul" was an early 80s Experimental Imprint, a United Dairies sub-label, which released one record only. Two Daughters is a mysterious band, perhaps Anthony & Paul ?
You can get the first tape (1980) here (No Longer Forgotten Music) and the ripp by Rain of the LP above.

200 (VBR)/ZIP/MU new link june 2011


PAUL KELDAY - ODZNSDOZ (1992) new link feb 2015

Börft Records -Börft057 - Cassette, C50
Recorded between 1980 and 1985, this swedish tape compiled some old tracks of Paul Kelday, best known for his track in The Elephant Table Album and some cassettes in early Colin Potter’s ICR label. Dark analog synth music, spaced out, yeah ! Get it above !

A1 City Of Ghosts
A2 Towards The New Clear Age
A3 Angel Hair
A4 Timelord
A5 Seeds Of Decay That Flourish In The Shadows Of Doubt
A6 Angel Hair
A7 Self-Inflicted Chemical Delusion
B1 Emerge From Nothingness
B2 Technofear
B3 Short Stay In The Garden Of Optimism
B4 Plight of The Butterfly Of Peace In The Web Of Hatred
B5 Migrating Dragons
B6 Comet

Artwork By Matt Kettle, ripped by Rain : 320/ZIP/MF new link feb 2015