VA - Revue K.7. n°1 - Pratiques de la cassette (2010) [new link feb 2015]

Magazine and compilation about the renewed use of the cassette on the 21st Century

Extracts of cassettes released by Tapeworm, Ash International, Editions Mego, Staaltape, [Tanzprocesz], Athletic Dudes, 905 Tapes, Presto!? and many more.

Artwork and selection by french artist and composer Rainier Lericolais, in exclusivity for alicerabbit.

Available here : Hi-res pdf + 320 kpb rip (ZIP/MF) [new link sept. 2013]

Revue K.7. n°2 is available here

Tracklist & info
01 - Zoul - Vow (2008 - econore - eco003) limited to 22 copies.

02 - Derek Jarman With Richard Torry - In Conversation, 1979-80 (2009 - The Tapeworm - TTW#06) limited to 250 copies.

03 - BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa - Space Finale (2010 - Editions Mego - DeMEGO 011) limited to 200 copies.

04 - Enrico Malatesta - Standard (2009 - Presto!? - P!?006) limited to 100 copies. (review)

05 - Zaraz Wam Zagram - "Doliprane 1000 douleurs et fièvre" from Paris Tape Run (2010 - Staaltape) Compilation of ten Paris based artists. (review)

06 - Florian Hecker - Live @ WDR (2009 - Tochnit Aleph - TA 084) limited to 200 copies

07 - Crystal Plumagee - Swift Wrist / Broken Hacksaw (2009 - 905 Tapes - 905.70)

08 - él-g- Comme Les Américains (2009 - Athletic Duddes) limited to 30 copies

09 - Rainier Lericolais - La Note (2009 - Roven - Rcass01) limited to 50 copies

10 - The Tarbox Tentacle "Honey Boy" from ENTR'ACTE compilation (2010 - entr'acte - E87) limited to 80 copies - selected by DJ Ordeal with Deepkiss 720, DJ Ordeal, The Sparticus Stargazer, The Tarbox Tentacle, The Vitamin B12.

11 - [Tanzprocesz] Live series vol.2 : Flat Forme (2009 - tzpLIVE02) Recorded at l’Espace En Cours, Paris, 2009 .

12 - Squeletor Papa - S/T (2009 - Down Boy Records - DB017) limited to 100 copies

13 - Flossie & The Unicorns - ???? (2009 - Skingraft records)

14 - Simon Fisher Turner - De Dentro Hacia Afuera (2009 - The Tapeworm - TTW#04) limited to 250 copies

15 - Jana Winderen/ - The Noisiest Guys On The Planet (2009 - Ash International - ASH 8.1) limited to 250 copies. (review)

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YUJI TAKAHASHI 高橋悠治 (2006)

Anthology of musique concrète pieces recorded 2005, except Kumo-rinzetsu, a live computer performance recorded in 1995, Und Flieder in die Sonne (1989) & Time scored for animation by Hiroshi Manabe and recorded in 1963.
"He was trained as a pianist to play contemporary and classical music. Meeting Xenakis in 1963 led to composing some electronic works, but later on he played more traditional music. In the last years he has recited Bach as-well as playing a laptop duo with Keiichiro Shibuya. He is the founder of the Atak label, which before brought Stillupsteypa, Kahn/Cascone/Steinbruchel and Goem for instance, but here go in a totally different direction: an overview of Takahashi's electronic works, starting with 'Time' (1963) up-to to 'GS-portrait' (2005), and appear in reverse order: the most recent pieces start out. But the review goes back first.
'Time' is perhaps the only real electronic/electro-acoustic piece, based on the sound of clock-ticks, treated in a rather raw fashion - but maybe not unknown looking at the year when it was composed. All the other pieces use instruments, voices, electronic treatments and sound like recorded in an improvised manner. In two pieces text is used, one by Gertrude Stein and one by Kafka, written on his death bed. (…) Not easy listening music, but the improvised pieces #2 to #6 are certainly great" (FdW/staalplaat.com/vital_archive/)

Ripped by Rain, may the sun always shine upon him and his family and provided by your servant here :

More Japanese early electronics here.

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Excellent compilation reased on the excellent australian label Dorobo (run by Darrin Verhagen and François Tetaz) with some of the finest japanese electronica provided at the time : early works of Ryoji Ikeda, Dumb Type (Ryoji Ikeda, Teiji Furuhashi, Toru Yamanaka), Satsuki Shibano & Yoshio Ojima (see also here : silence : a quiet manifestation of the future)

1 Ryoji Ikeda - Radio-Range
2 Ryoji Ikeda - Zone 3
3 Ryoji Ikeda - Zone 4
4 Ryoji Ikeda - Zone 1
5 Dumb Type - Water
6 Dumb Type - Love / Sex
7 Dumb Type - Preamble (For Silence)
8 Yoshio Ojima - Postscript (For Silence)
9 Satsuki Shibano & Yoshio Ojima - Caresse 2éme Partie
10 Satsuki Shibano - "Mots D'Amour"

Many thanks to HOP from L'Art pénultième and the Dead Mauriacs, who ripped this beautiful CD.


By the way, I'm going to Japan next week. Can somebody say to me where I can attend interesting concerts in Kyoto and in Tokyo ?



Clawfist XPIG 12 - Vinyl, 7", Limited to 500 copies
It was a long time I've not posted some nww material. This one is the Rain ripped of the original 7". Enjoy and be grateful.
2 tracks (5'33 + 6'23)


THE VITAMIN B12 - RAFT122 (2002)

Raft Recordings - Vinyl, 7"
Vitamin B12 aka Alasdair Willis (who played saxophone on " Juice Head Crazy Lady" in the Nurse With Wound's Huffin' Rag Blues) delivered with this 7" a "musique concrete" variation of the techno age. Good and simple.

A - 68 X 32
B - System Mix
"The Vitamin B12 is Alasdair Willis. Reclusive Brighton based author of contemporary surrealist artifacts. This single was commissioned for Rafts instrumental series, specifically with the 7" medium in mind.
The two pieces are vastly contrasting and perhaps some small clue to their aesthetic may be placed within the titles themselves...
68 x 32 is a Musique Concrete assemblage so therefore must be art, and as such it can only be judged by posterity, no one yet can really say what the record is like.
System Six is a melodic composition for tuned percussion sounds, with a surprisingly liberating, yet oddly mind-bending ascending motif, which calls on the infinite resources that can be gleaned from careful application of the laws of repetition, that can be gleaned from careful application of the laws of repetition laws of repetition of repetition. This record exists precisely because it was made to be." - Raft.

Thanks to Rain : RAR/RS/320


ELIANE RADIGUE - BIOGENESIS (1996) new link feb. 2015

Metamkine - MKCD019
Beautiful piece by Eliane Radigue, composed in 1973. and first performed March 6th 1974 at Phill Niblock's in New York.
Released on the essential collection "Cinéma pour l'oreille", a series of short duration musique concrète works on mini CD, packaged in small gatefold card sleeves. This one is out of stock and will not be re-released.

Ripped by HOP, from l'Art Pénultième and The Dead Mauriacs : be grateful and enjoy it here. (MF. feb. 2015)



Musique Pour L'Image n°5 - MPI/LP 505
François Bayle (from the GRM), Claude Vasori, Robert Hermel & Patrice Sciortino : french library music.
The cover reads : "Les œuvres qui composent cet album ont été spécialement enregistrées pour l'illustration sonore d'émissions télévisuelles et radiophoniques ainsi que pour les films cinématographiques. Ce disque ne peut pas être vendu dans le commerce."
The works which compose this album were especially recorded for sound illustration of television and radio broadcasts as well as motion pictures. This record is not intended for commercial sale.
François Bayle estimates that only 100 to 200 copies of this record were pressed.
On this LP you can get some very early compositions of François Bayle (who joined the Pierre Schaffer's GRM in 1958 and became his director in 1975)
Another "Musique pur l'image" is available on Mutant Sounds
Espace - Space
A1 Claude Vasori - Départ Fusée 0:44
A2 Robert Hermel - Industrie Spatiale 3:24
A3 François Bayle - Titan 3:16
A4 Claude Vasori - Espace Chromatique 2:32
A5 François Bayle - Andromede 2:39
A6 Robert Hermel - Apesanteur 2:56
B1 Patrice Sciortino - Alchimie Rythmique 2:00
B2 Patrice Sciortino - Ville Sans Vie 2:30
B3 Patrice Sciortino - Abimes Souterrains 2:47
B4 Patrice Sciortino - Danger Sous Roche 1:36
B5 Patrice Sciortino - Approche Dramatique 2:18
B6 Patrice Sciortino - Hostilité 1:52
B7 Patrice Sciortino - Tumulte 2:00
A rare gem ripped by Rain RAR/320/RS


Prospective 21e siècle - Philips
"Variations For A Door And A Sigh", classic Pierre Henry on a mythic collection. Ripped and uploaded by Caitlyn/CPI. Thank you girl !
>> download it here