Musique Pour L'Image n°5 - MPI/LP 505
François Bayle (from the GRM), Claude Vasori, Robert Hermel & Patrice Sciortino : french library music.
The cover reads : "Les œuvres qui composent cet album ont été spécialement enregistrées pour l'illustration sonore d'émissions télévisuelles et radiophoniques ainsi que pour les films cinématographiques. Ce disque ne peut pas être vendu dans le commerce."
The works which compose this album were especially recorded for sound illustration of television and radio broadcasts as well as motion pictures. This record is not intended for commercial sale.
François Bayle estimates that only 100 to 200 copies of this record were pressed.
On this LP you can get some very early compositions of François Bayle (who joined the Pierre Schaffer's GRM in 1958 and became his director in 1975)
Another "Musique pur l'image" is available on Mutant Sounds
Espace - Space
A1 Claude Vasori - Départ Fusée 0:44
A2 Robert Hermel - Industrie Spatiale 3:24
A3 François Bayle - Titan 3:16
A4 Claude Vasori - Espace Chromatique 2:32
A5 François Bayle - Andromede 2:39
A6 Robert Hermel - Apesanteur 2:56
B1 Patrice Sciortino - Alchimie Rythmique 2:00
B2 Patrice Sciortino - Ville Sans Vie 2:30
B3 Patrice Sciortino - Abimes Souterrains 2:47
B4 Patrice Sciortino - Danger Sous Roche 1:36
B5 Patrice Sciortino - Approche Dramatique 2:18
B6 Patrice Sciortino - Hostilité 1:52
B7 Patrice Sciortino - Tumulte 2:00
A rare gem ripped by Rain RAR/320/RS

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Nice one. Thanks.

armeur H a dit…

merci à toi l'ami.

Muff Diver a dit…

I'm listening to No. 2 now as I type. Excellent music by Claude Vasori!

Thanks for posting the link to No. 5 and I was wondering if you could tell me where I could pick up some record racks for the 45's seen in the photo above.

How come I never saw those kind for sale in the music store back in the day? Are they from Ikea?

Nice racks! And the records aren't bad, either!

Thanks again for the fine music and the beautiful furniture ^

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Thank you, my dear. The racks ? gorgeous, but you can only use them for 2 EP...

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Hello, could you please re up this one? thanks