Experimental/ambient stuff by prolific electronic musician Asmus Tietchens on his Club of Rome alias.
1- Auf Dem Bahnhof (vocals : Roderich von Freite/ written by Adolf Holst)
2- Faircomp 1F (24:19)
3- Medienlandschaft 5 (5:36)
4- P = m · b (18:07)
Ripped by Rain (thanks thanks thanks) and available here ZIP/RS.



Index Records 004 (1981) ltd edition of 2500 copies
Produced by the Residents, recorded at el Ralpho Studios, San Francisco.

Gary Panter is one of the masters of the US comics, godfather - alongside Charles Burns - of the punk comics (see here on his website). He's known for his covers for Frank Zappa LPs, Ralph Records (some here) too.
In 1981, he recorded with The Residents the Tornader To The Tater/Italian Sunglass Movie EP.
In 1989, he worked with Jay Cotton in the recording of a limited picture disc edited by his british alter-ego and almighty Savage Pencil/Edwin Pouncey and published by Blast First : "One Hell Soundwich", includes a "Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen" cover.
This two delicious experimental rock recordings, for Panter fans or lovers of The Residents, ripped by Rain, and zipped with HQ scans are here : enjoy ! (ZIP/RS)



The Peristaltic Airwaves & Plato's Cave, Rothko's Chapel,Lincoln's Profile / High Performance Audio / cassette
Mike Kelley is one of my favourite american artists. Born in 1954, he's known for his performances, installations, videos and for being a former member of the noise rock/anti-rock outfit Destroy All Monsters (with Jim Shaw).
The A-side of this tape is the recording of a performance with Jack Shelley, Nic Greene, Dave Childs, Nancy Evans on KPFK Radio in sept. 30 1986, the B-side is recorded live December 5, 1986 at Artists Space in New York with Sonic Youth, Molly Cleator and Adam Rudolph on didgeridoo.
this experimental/noise rock/spoken word gem was ripped by Rain and you can get it here (ZIP/RS)
Mike Kelley & Paul McCarthy - Secession (1998)



It's not on the NWW list, but it could be !
Karel Appel is a dutch artist, born in 1921, died in 2006, co-founder of the CoBrA group alongside Alechinski and Asger Jorn, avant-garde painter, sculptor, poet and at least experimental musician. You can get more informations on wikipedia (eng), fluctuat (fr) and here.
Appel was influenced by Dubuffet and his "art brut"/"outsider art" theory, and in this very rare record you can listening to the same experiments of dissonance and spontaneity we get in the Dubuffet recordings (go to ubuweb).

ripped by Rain. Karel Appel - Musique barbare (ZIP/RS)

[Update 15/09] Thanks to Continuo for giving the link of the video :

The Reality of Karel Appel. from Keith Fullerton Whitman on Vimeo.

and thanks to KFW (aka Hrvatski) to upload this madness ! [/Update]


"The Power of bang bang" reviewed !

Posted by Jason Louv on dangerousmind.net
OK, this is just utterly wrong. Utterly wrong, yet… somehow… strangely… compelling... It’s a 12 minute—12 minute—mash-up of Coil, Nancy Sinatra and Frankie Goes to Hollywood doing “Bang Bang.” I haven’t heard something this nauseating in years. I dare you to listen to all of it. Dare you. It’s like the kind of thing Dean Stockwell’s character in Blue Velvet would sing if he was courting Sigfried and Roy from a crane being slowly, ever-so-slowly lowered in front of the water fountain by the Bellagio in Vegas, with sparkling fireworks flying in the background, dropping their effervescent twinkling sparkles across an audience in which even the stoniest, meanest Vegas bouncers slowly wiped tears from their eyes. Trust me, that’ll make sense when you listen to this… if you dare. If you manage to make it through the whole thing, post your response below so we can share the pain.


Welcome to the DUNGEON !



The only safely way for hear the beatles
I hate the Beatles and their soporific cheesy pop. I always prefer "Get back" covered by french punk band Starshooter (available on macadam autopsie), "let it be" re-interpreted by Laibach (RS) (here) or the exquisite opera singer Cathy Berberian's versions (Beatles Arias [wma files/4shared]).

Another way to avoid the nausea hearing these sticky songs is when they are slaughtered like the Beatles Barker (thanks to WFMU) or the exotic beatles compilations :
volume 1 (RS)
01 - Yellow Submarine (Derek Enright M.P.)
02 - Yellow Submarine Ondo (Akiko Kanazawa)
03 - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (William Shatner)
04 - I Should Have Known Better (Dino E I Kings)
05 - I Wanna Be Your Man (Brian Sewell)
06 - Penny Lane (The Wilson Malone Voice Band)
07 - She Loves You [Te Quiere] (Emi Bonilla Y Su Caudro)
08 - Come Together (Desmond Dekker And The Israelites)
09 - Step Inside Love (Dickie Henderson)
10 - In My Life (The 52 Key Verbeek Fairground Organ)
11 - When Im 64 (The Metropolitan Police Male Voice Choir)
12 - Please Please Me (Los Mustang)
13 - Theres A Place [Oh Chagrin] (Les Surfs)
14 - Things We Said Today [Coisas Que Acontecem] (Os Vips)
15 - The Fool On The Hill (Edmundo)
16 - Paperback Writer (Lefty In The Right)
17 - All My Loving (The 52 Key Verbeek Fairground Organ)
18 - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Balsara And His Singing Sitar)
19 - Eleanor Rigby (Derek Enright M.P.)
20 - We Can Work It Out [Podemos Solucionarlo] (Sandro)
21 - We Can Work It Out (The Beatle Barkers)
22 - I Am The Walrus (John Otway)
23 - And I Love Her (The 52 Key Verbeek Fairground Organ)
24 - Ill Be Back [Aku Kembali Lagi] (The Quests)
25 - Her Majesty (Brian Sewell)26 - Good Night (The Moog Beatles)

volume 2 (RS) new link (if you need a PW, try SRR)
01 - We Love The Beatles (Unknown)
02 - Let It Be (The Squirrels)
03 - I Saw Her Stranding There (Joah Valley)
04 - Nowhere Man (Tsunematsu Masatoshi)
05 - Sgt Pepper - Yesterday (Brian Sewell - Arthur Mullard)
06 - Ring Ringo Little Star (Fisher And Marks)
07 - Rain (Grupo)
08 - Cant Buy Me Love (Ena Baga)
09 - Lady Madonna (Geesins Mahoganys Ministrels)
10 - Yellow Submarine (Maurice Chevalier)
11 - Flying (Frank Sidebottom)
12 - A Hard Days Night (The Beatle Barkers)
13 - Yesterday - Hey Jude (Organ Version)
14 - From Me To You (Margarita Pracatan)
15 - Desert Island Discs (John Lennon And Kenny Everett)
16 - Its For You (The Velvelettes)
17 - We Love Rock N Roll (Fisher And Marks)
18 - Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (Johny Prytko)
19 - Hey Jude (The Templeton Twins)
20 - Piggies (R.A.M. Pietsch)
21 - Yellow Submarine (Gordon Langford)
22 - Let It Be (Lol Cox)
23 - Give Peace A Chance (Various)
24 - A Hard Days Night (Chiwaki)
25 - The Night Before (Lili Ivonova)
26 - All My Loving (Los Fernandos)
27 - The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (Klaus Beyer)
28 - Day Tripper (May West)
29 - Nostalgia (John Peel John Lennon Kenny Everett Malcolm MCdowell)
30 - Let It Be (Ron Geesin)

volume 3 (RS) - new link (PW : SRR)
01 - Introduction (featuring The Vernons Pools Girls Ed Sullivan Paul George John & Ringo Eric Morecambe And Ernie Wise)
02 - Let It Be (Shang Shang Typhoon)
03 - Ticket To Ride (Cathy Berberian)
04 - Help (Irvings 89 Key Marenghi Fairground Organ)
05 - With A Little Help From My Friends (David Peel)
06 - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Mrs. Yetta Bronstein)
07 - Revolution No. 89 (Feeling B.)
08 - Yellow Submarine (Los Fernandos)
09 - Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite (F. Sidebottom)
10 - In My Life (Joah Valley)
11 - Eleanor Rigby (Doodles Weaver)
12 - Lato B [Let It Be] (Powerillus)
13 - Hey Jude (Marty Gold)
13 - She Loves You (Irvins 89 Key Marenghi Fairground Organ)
14 - Das Gelbe Underwasserboot [Yellow Submarine (Klaus Beyer With The Gotz Alsman Band)15 - Eight Days A Week (The Mirza Men)
16 - Love Me Do (The Beatle Barkers)
17 - From Me To You (Emi Bonilla)
18 - Estern Noch Yesterday (Haax)
19 - And Your Hard Birds Night Thing (The Food)
20 - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Rafi And Asha)
21 - World Without Love (Ena Baga)
22 - Eleanor Rigby (Ogar Grafe)
24 - Tanks And Good Byes (Paul George Ringo And John)
25 - Her Majesty (Brian Sewell)

Thanks to jbpimentel.blogspot.com and stigmarestroom.