ELISABETH CHOJNACKA - CLAVECIN 2.000 (Harpsichord / Cembalo 2.000)

PHILIPS - Prospective 21e Siècle - 6526 009

Another Prospective 21e siecle, another joy. I love the sound of the Hapsichord played in contemporary music. This one is a masterpiece. As said in the back cover : "The listener is excepted to play this recording at full volume and in total darkness".
Elisabeth Chojnacka is one of the first "modern" harpsichordists, who has inspired famous contemporary composers (such as Iannis Xenakis or György Ligeti) to write works for this ancient instrument.

A1 Continuum (György Ligeti)
A2 Profil Sonore (Graciane Finzi)
A3 Insertions (Francis Miroglio)
A4 Intavolatura (Aldo Clementi)
B1 Moulins A Prière (Marius Constant)
B2 Rounds (Luciano Berio)
B3 Hommage A Calder (Antoine Tisné)
B4 Doubles (Franco Donatoni)

Ripped and scanned by old friend Rain : 320/RAR/RS


The Passage - "For All and None" (1981)

Night & Day - pmam 23:00

Very good and underestimated post-punk band... My good fellow Tabayo ripped it and posted it on this blog : Vinylidyllique !: The Passage - "For All and None"
Very good blog (in french) with a lot of gems (and germs), rare EP, bonus LP and many ore rarities. Only Vinyls.



Collectif & Cie - SCK 772

French Cassette Label from Annecy, connected to MIA (Musiques Inventives D'Annecy), a recording studio & an organization for concerts & festival, now run by Philippe Moënne-Loccoz assisted by Fabien Toppino and Frédéric Miguel.
Some stuff from the label is available on metamkine
Pascal Liguoro is a french composer who studied and composed on the Collectif & cie some electronics works and concret music compiled in this cassette. Fresh stuff indeed.

A1 Remake 9:30
A2 Temps Perdu 7:15
A3 Météores 9:40
B1 Au Coeur Du Cristal 10:00
B2 Vocalise 5:00
B3 Cinq Minutes Avant L'Aube 5:00
B4 Vocalise (Suite) 5:10

ripped by Rain : 320/RAR/RS



Crass Records - 1984/4
Subtitled: "Fifty Songs To My Other Self".
Engineered at Southern Studios, October 83 - October 84.
"In loving memory of Wally Hope."

"Acts of Love" is an album of 50 poems by Penny Rimbaud of the anarchist punk band Crass, set to classical music composed and arranged by Penny Rimbaud and Paul Ellis, performed by Steve Ignorant and Eve Libertine. (wikipedia)

ripped by Rain : 320/RAR/RS


Ramuntcho Matta Presents Polo Lombardo & Brion Gysin - Mosquito (1983/1985)

Mosquito 006, LP

All Music by Ramuntcho Matta.

Brion Gysin Side
A1 kick 6:56 [Pocket Trumpet & Backing Vocals - Don Cherry]
A2 junk 3:30
A3 shampain 4:58
A4 stop smokin 4:54 [vocals : Elli Medeiros, Konks : Polo Lombardo]
A5 baboon 4:22
Polo Lombardo Side
B1 zanino 4:42
B2 boat 3:57
B3 conk 4:41
B4 manesi 5:52
B6 baboon 3:05
B6 senhor maravilha 2:33

ripped by Rain, with cover & insert : 320/RAR/RS