Mute Records - 9 61227-2
Magnificent record by multi-talented german artist Holger Hiller, with the help of Biba Kopf, "Mimi" Izumi Kobayashi, Russell Haswell, Karl Bonnie and Stefan von Campenhout.

1 Königinnen
2 Sing Songs
3 Bacillus Culture
4 Sur La Tête
5 Neighbours
6 Abacus
7 Gut Und Böse
8 You
9 Mosaik
10 Egg
11 Trojan Ponies
12 Cuts Both Ways

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Edition Block - EB 120
Böhmler is agerman artist, born in 1939 and living in Hamburg. He studied at the academies of arts Stuttgart and Duesseldorf and was pupil of Joseph Beuys. From 1974 to 2005 he was a professor at Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg.
"Böhmler was one of the first artists in Germany, who were interested in modern techniques of the picture reproduction. By simply asking for the mechanisms of the technology and by playing with the possibilities of the medium he makes attentive on rules and functions, which escape the perception otherwise usually. Its handling radio, cassette device, camera, film or video camera is ironical." (worldlingo.com)
Recorded with the almighty Holger Hiller (collage, production, mixing and remixing) on the excellent berliner label Edition Block
1- Rahlstedt. Nacht. Innen
2- Chers Amis Du Meubler Perdu, Chers Auditeurs !

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Ronald Feldman Fine Arts + The Charing Hill Company
Xcellent double LP compilation in limited edition, with Les Levine & Michael Galasso, Chris Burden, Piotr Kowalski & William Burroughs, Joseph Beuys and many others.

A1 Jud Fine - Polynesian/Polyhedron
A2 Eleanor Antin - Antinova Remembers
A3 Terry Fox - Internal Sound
A4 Margaret Harrison - First Lines
A5 Les Levine & Michael Galasso - Would Not Say No To Some Help
B1 Hannah Wilke - Stand Up
B2 Douglas Davis - How To Make Love To A Sound
B3 Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid - Russian Language Lesson
B4 Helen Mayer Harrison / Newton Harrison - Extract From The Second Lagoon: A Memoriam To John Isaacs
B5 Vincenzo Agnetti - Pieces Of Sound
C1 Chris Burden - The Atomic Alphabet
C2 Piotr Kowalski & William Burroughs - You Only Call The Old Doctor Once
C3 Ida Applebroog - Really, Is That A Fact?
C4 Edwin Schlossberg - Vibrations/Metaphors
C5 SITE - Comments On SITE (Featuring Alison Sky , James Wines)
C6 R. Buckminster Fuller - Critical Path
D1 Thomas Shannon - Smashing Beauty
D2 Conrad Atkinson - The Louis XIV Deterrent
D3 David Smyth - Typewriter In D
D4 Todd Siler - Think Twice
D5 Joseph Beuys - Excerpt From Cooper Union Dialogue

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Cassette - Nuit Et Brouillard - NB 02
Nuit et Brouillard is a cult label operating in Lille, North of France. They release harsh electronics/industrial material and are well-known for the Deadly Actions, important European industrial/noise festival, now defunct.
Limited edition of 600 hand-numbered copies in A6 sleeve.
A1 Aerial Angeline [Franz No] - Hate Wave 6:09
A2 Margaret Freeman - Das Ist Schwingen 2:08
A3 Totentanz - Tandis Que J'Agonise 5:20
A4 Die Wunde - Snawfalls 2:17
A5 Stadtfrei In Circle - Le Monde Où Elle Parle 12:40
B1 Margaret Freeman - Stupid Question 3:22
B2 Aerial Angeline - Quiet Walks 7:13
B3 Die Wunde - Engel 3:14
B4 Totentanz - Le Huitième Jour 4:00
B5 Stadtfrei In Circle - Stadtfrei 11:30

* Margaret Freeman (Pascal Jeannet, Christophe Mielle from Urbain Autopsy cf. SJ ORG)
* Totentanz (Eric Chabert, Roland Sapin, Christophe Petchanatz from Los paranos & klimperei)
* Die Wunde (Christophe Petchanatz) cf. Tonspur Tapes

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alice news: La galerie du cartable & Michel Aubry - Dialogue Fictif in Limoges

"Nouvelles cartographies poétiques", manifestation organisée par l'association PAN! à Limoges invite Michel Aubry (exposition Tapis de guerre, jusqu'au 15 avril).
Vernissage le lundi 14 mars à 18h suivi de la projection du Dialogue fictif n° 3 : Le Corbusier - Albrecht Dürer", un film de la galerie du cartable et Michel Aubry (2005, couleurs, 33 min).
Salle de la résidence des Jacobins, 88 rue Pont St Martial, Limoges.
copyright Michel Aubry


RE-UP oct. 2012 VA - IMPULSE ISSUE 7 (1995)

Impulse was a magazine published by Mark Crumby (member of the Industrial band Konstruktivists founded by Glenn Michael Wallis, early member of Whitehouse and involved in the early TG experience) dedicated to non-mainstream electronic music (1991-1996).
A compilation of sound collage, spoken word, proto-techno, noise rock, industrial music and alt J-pop.
1 Bodychoke - Whore
2 Secret Archives Of The Vatican - I Often Wonder Am I ...Mad ?
3 Mlehst - I Am The Mistress
4 Jack Or Jive - Ko-Kashita
5 Alan Moore , Tim Perkins And David J - The Demon Asmodeus
6 70 Gwen Party - The Love Fried
7 Tea Culture - Clean Family Values
8 Cabbage Head - My God (It's Full Of Stars) [Twisting In On Istelf Mix]
* Bodychoke : Kevin Tomkins (Sutcliffe Jügend, Whitehouse), Paul Taylor, Gary Kean, Jamie Hitchens, and Mike Alexander. Dark, violent and intense "rock" based material.
* Secret Archives Of The Vatican : Vince Millett, Louis Counter
* Mlehst (All Brentnall) : English experimental noise project founded in 1991 which released many cassettes and vinyls (often in small quantities) until the project started to wind down in the late 1990s.
* Jack Or Jive : Founded in 1989, this japanese band only has two members, Chako and Makoto Hattori. While Makoto remains mostly behind the scenes handling technical aspects of the music, Chako is a visual spectacle of wild or spikey hair, flowing priestess gowns, strange talismans and heavy, morbidly styled makeup.
* Alan Moore, regarded by many as the greatest ever comic-book writer ("Watchmen", "V for Vendetta" and "From Hell"), Moore has also shown a major interest in magick and the occult and has worked with a number of musicians to release his particular philosophies in musical form, like Tim Perkins (who recorded 5 records with A. Moore) and David J (Bauhaus, The Jazz Butcher, Love And Rockets, The Sinister Ducks)
* 70 Gwen Party : Experimental rock band from UK, centered around guitarist Victor N'Dip.
*Tea Culture : English experimental sound collage group, based around a duo of Neil Davies and Phil Todd. Primitive version of turntablism.
* Cabbage Headaka Si Begg

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VA - ANTI-DISC 1 (1990)

Anti-Utopia Flexi-disc
17 minutes compilation of experimental music and noise rock (a little scratchy, you know, flexies are not optimal sound support).
A1 Peter Van Riper - Acoustic Metal Music 3:06
A2 Michael Pullen - Super Flys Best Friend 2:22
A3 Nadia Coën & Genvieve Hayes - Industry Thermo Euclidique 2:10
B1 Christian Marclay - Untitled 0:49
B2 Circle X - Saint Sebastian Of The Hood (Crash) 5:48
B3 Bodeco - Suicide Ride 1:53
*Peter Van Riper
Detroit-born artist and composer. Born 1940, died 1998. Notable collaborations include performances with Simone Forti, Eugenia Balcells, and Sha Sha Higby.
* Mike Pullen, producer of 1994 Circle X album on Matador.
* Circle X : Tony Pinotti, Bruce Witsiepe, Dave Letendre, Rik Letendre, Mike McShane, Martin Koeb. Experimental rock band from New York which was formed in 1978 in Louisville, Kentucky from the ashes of local bands No Fun and I-Holes, disbanded in 1995.

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