Bilan 2012

Decade (Carsten Nicolai, Anne-James Chaton, Andy Moore) @ Lieu Unique (Nantes) [abrev. LU]
Masami Takeushi & the Mable Ensemble (I Love Theremin) @ LU

Festival Câble 
@ Bitche : 
Mike Cooper (exotic steel guitar) - David Watson (cornemuse) - Arno Bruil (noise platinisme) - Pied Gauche (rock mecanique) - Christian Prigent (performance lecture) - Martial Bécheau (cinematic soundscape) - Bohman Brothers (nonsense) - Mohammad (Veliotis, Ilios, Coti) - Agnes Hvizdalek & Harald Fetveit (improv noise vocal) - Peter Brötzmann/Paal Nilssen Love/Fred Lomberg-Holm (free jazz) - Keith Fullerton Whitman (modular improv)
@ médiathèque Hermeland : Immensity Of The Territory (Antony Taillard & co) - Marcus Schmickler
@ Chapelle de l'oratoire : Sophie Durand et Manu Holterbach (verres enharmoniques)

soirée curieuse Tak Taak @ LU : France Sauvage (rock expé), Discodéine

Week-end singulier
@ LU : Daniel Johnston - Jad Fair - Ghédalia Tazartès - Kim Fowley
@ Cathédrale : Charlemagne Palestine - Stefan Lakatos & Paul Jordan (Tribute to Moondog)

Festival [SONOR] @ LU : Josef Van Wissem - Sir Richard Bishop - Rainier Lericolais

Festival Less Playboy is More Cowboy @ Confort Moderne, Poitiers
Susan Stenger & F.M. Einheit - Laetitia Sadier - Rhys Chatham - John Duncan - Martin Rev

Steve Reich @ Cité des congrès, Nantes

Expo'70 - Ancient Ocean @ LU

Jason Lescaleet @ Câble Mille feuilles

Robet Henke/Monolake @ LU
Each Other - Lumerians - Colin Stetson @ Pôle étudiant, Nantes
Kas Product @ Stereolux, Nantes
Taluk Todolo - Stephen O'Malley @ LU

Etienne Jaumet & Cabaret Contemporain plays John Cage @ LU

TOP 11 live (in order of appearance): Keith Fullerton Whitman, Manu Holterbach, France Sauvage, Jad Fair, Ghédalia Tazartès, Charlemagne Palestine, Rhys Chatham, Martin Rev, Jason Lescaleet, Colin Stetson, Stephen O'Malley.

Pros : the first year of my daughter, the first year of my radioshow, interviewing Charlemagne Palestine and Ghédalia Tazartès together, playing live with "la galerie du cartable" a concerto for swimming pool & BBQ in the arenas of a little town near Bordeaux, finishing the (almost) last film by "la galerie du cartable" (Kokoschka teaching Gunter Brus how to paint), publishing the first DVD of "la galerie du cartable (Robert Filiou teaching fluxus martial arts in a Lao fine arts school), speaking with Robert Henke about his laser installation, discovering the music of Jason Lescaleet and Ilhan Mimiraglu, sharing ideas and music with friends (Olivier, Rainier, Thorsten, Karim, Christophe, Amaury), Art Biennal of Rennes with my (almost) wife.

Cons : no time for visiting my old friends in Paris (Sophie, Clémentine, Olivier, I hope to see you soon !), alice rabbit near death experience, rapidshare politics, "Bitche" closing its doors to good music, too much music and no time to listening to it, no time for seeing movies, the death of Chris Marker, Sylvia Kristel and Ilhan Mimaroglu.

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