Det Grymma Svärdet ("The cruel sword" in Swedish) is an alternative magazine released by Lystring and managed by Pontus Lundkvistcartoonist, writer, filmmaker, member of noise rock group "Kekkonen" and "This is punishment". 
Det Grymma Svärdet mixes short stories, interviews, comics, art, photos (in swedish) and music. The fifth edition contains articles written by Anna Ekman, Pontus Lundkvist,Tobias Lund and John Nilsson, comics by Kerstin Bjorkand, Henrik Möller, Pontus Lundkvist, a number more or less well-known illustrators.
Rain ripped the vinyl disc attached to the book and you can taste the glorious madness of swedish pranksters (Testbild!, Naimi (Kristin Eklund), The Goner, David Liljemark, Ved) here : 320/RAR/MU (music only, if you want this incredible mag, go here : http://www.adlibris.com/)
file under : noise, folk, psychedelic rock


ED HERRMANN - ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1981-1983 (re-up oct. 2012)

Ed Herrmann Self-released - Cassette, C60
Ripped by Rain (1 track by side) : new link RS oct. 2012
If you like music made with the Metasynth software, you'll like Ed Hermann !

 A1 Day To Day 4:30
 A2 Four Spices 4:20
 A3 Power Of Speech 3:05
 A4 Eye Dance 8:00 A5 Rusta Fasta 4:20
 B1 Summoning Forces 12:40
 B2 Brings The Dawn 10:40

  Discogs says : Ed Herrmann’s professional background includes extensive work as an audio engineer, radio host, and producer. In addition to his work as an audio engineer, he has composed music for dance, theater, and radio.
His performances using the Serge synthesizer include duets with saxophonist Andrew Voigt, clarinetist Dwight Frizzell, and dancer Bob Beswick. He has performed with instrument designer Tom Nunn and is a founding member of the Edgewalker Ensemble.
A goal of his live performance music music is to combine the disciplin and coherence of composition with the spontaneity and risk of improvisation.



The Dead Mauriacs is a french band from Le Havre, Normandy. Members are Vincent Domeyne (Computer, Electric guitar) and Olivier Prieur (Computer, Field Recordings, Piano and other keyboards), also known for the editions L'Art Pénultième and a closed collaborator of this blog.

Released in 2009 on a limited CD-R edition of 20 under the number NPH001 and available here : 320/RAR/MU, "SUITE" is the first record of the band, highly recommended for the AliceRabbit's followers (part drone, part noise and some exquisite electronic and nonsense humour).
Berceuse Indienne Fragmentée
Elégie aux grenouilles empoisonnées
Telepathic Transmission From The Dead Mauriacs
Shup Shup Houwou

 The last Dead Mauriacs' record was published by Susan Matthews' SirenWire Editions and is still available here.
More info : http://www.thedeadmauriacs.com or myspace

And last but not least, Olivier Prieur compiled a selection of live recordings by normand bands called Carnet de notes 25, a selection for AliceRabbit (NPH005) which will be available on the blog very soon but you can get it physically in a handsome packaging (as always with the Art Pénultième's sense of perfection and beauty) at world's best record shop (according to Felix Kubin and I) Bimbo Tower, Paris.



Le Kiosque d'Orphée - KO4/UHAM - 7", 33 ⅓ RPM
Subtitled "Les Ainou vont-ils disparaître ? / Will Ainou people disappear ?", this EP collected recordings by Jean Mahuzier of traditional music and songs of the Ainu people, indigenous ethnie of the japanese Hokkaido island in early '70s.
a review in french here : ohancolin.wordpress.com

A1 Prière Aïnou Au Dieu Du Lac
A2 Danse Du Sabre Divin
A3 Solo De "Mukkuri"
A4 Cours De Koto
B1 O. Bon Au Temple Bouddhique
B2 Cérémonie Shinto
B3 Autour D'Un Feu De Camp

amazing and beautiful, ripped by rain : 320/RAR/MU


SUNN O))) - DISCOGRAPHY 1997-2007 (update & fixed june 2012))

1998 - The Grimmrobe Demos (Demo)

2000 - 00 Void
2002 - Flight Of The Behemoth

2003 - The Libations Of Samhain (Live EP)

2003 - Veils It White (12'' Live EP)

2003 - White1
2004 - Candlewolf Of The Golden Chalice (The Peel Session) (12'' Live EP)

2004 - Cro-Monolithic Remixes for an Iron Age EP
 (eart and merzbow remixes)
2004 - Live White
 part1 part2
2004 - The Horn & The Spear EP (Eric Syre - EMS Remix)

2004 - White2
 part1 part2
2005 - Black One (Limited Edition)
 part1 part2
2005 - Live at Roadburn Festival 09-04-2005 (Live Bootleg)

2006 - Angel Coma (Sunn O))) & Earth Split) 12''

2006 - La Mort Noir dans Esch-Alzette (Live)

2006 - Live at TegenTonen 03-03-2006 (Live bootleg)
2007 - Altar (Sunn O))) & Boris)
 CD1 CD2
2007 - Flight Of The Behemoth (2 CD reissue)
2007 - Live at Paris 12-12-2007
 [Soundboard Recording]
2007 - Oracle EP
 part1 part2
2007 - White2 - 3 CD reissue part1 part2 part3

+ CUTWOODedD (collab with Ulver, bonus track for the WHITEbox)
 + My Wall (live)

+ prelude and bootleg (Sunn O))) / Om @ Koko, Camden, London - Monday, 14 December 2009) thank you philsbootlegs

+ Nurse with wound/sunn o))) - Live at Koko on 12 June 2012 :  




Brainwashed Recordings - BRAIN010 - 7", Limited Edition of 500
MIMIR is the post-HNAS band of the ubiquitous and talentuous german underground godfather Christoph Heemann with The Legendary Pink Dots's leader Edward Ka-Spel, joined by Andreas Martin (experimental guitarist & brother of Christoph Heemann, also a member of HNAS and Mirror) and Phil Knight (aka The Silverman, from The Legendary Pink Dots).
Ambient music for textural brains, ripped by Rain and available here : 320/RAR/MU