Crammed Discs – CRAM 048 CD
Great soundtrack for an obscure video-film composed with beautiful covers by Minimal Compact and Tuxedomoon members. In my young years, this album made me discovered the Velvet and I still think that the cover of "Ocean" here is better than the original ! I'm very grateful that HOP ripped the CD with the bonus track in a great .wav package ! [file deleted]

you can dl now on the ex-lion tamer new blog here

1 Minimal Compact - Still I'm Sad [The Yardbirds]
 2 Niki Mono & Nikolas Klau - Flaming [Pink Floyd]
 3 Peter Principle - No Man's Land [Syd Barrett]
 4 Niki Mono & Minimal Compact – Marathon
 5 Minimal Compact - Late Night [Syd Barrett]
 6 Nikolas Klau, Steven Brown, Peter Principle - Venus In Furs [Velvet Underground]
 7 Niki Mono & Berry Sakharof - Dancing Barefoot [Patti Smith]
 8 Steven Brown - Coming Back To Me [Jefferson Airplane]
 9 Bruce Geduldig & Peter Principle - Ocean [Velvet Underground]
 10 Winston Tong - Late Night [Syd Barrett]


[alice news] Fabrice Cotinat in ROVEN #6 + CALL FOR VIDEO PROJECT

French artist Fabrice Cotinat, member of La galerie du cartable and Châteauroux_Underground activist, have a complete review about his drawings devices (archeiropoietographe, confusion and more) by Maëlle Dault, in the french art magazine ROVEN n°6.

You can buy the mag here : presses du réel (18 €)

Fabrice Cotinat, with art critic & teacher Corinne Domer, artsits Alain Doret and Marie-Jeanne Hoffner, had just created an association called 'Ana D's Collection' which is dealing with the moving image in its relationship with architecture.

"For our first call for videos, we wish to ask you to help us to launch 'La collection d’Ana.D.' in setting up the basis of our project :
We think your work may have some link to this specific subject or that you may be able to pass the information to someone who would be interested.
Once this first edition is created, we will then be able to actually set up the diffusion process and meetings we wish to organize around this video library.
You can mail us at
collectionanad[at]gmail[dot]com for the details of the project and the application process (in french/english).
Deadline is the 31st of January 2012. We will then select the videos mid february."

Please do not hesitate to contact them for further questions.


[alice news] Concert de l'Ensemble Climatique, Pannonica, Nantes, 22 nov. 2011

Anne-James Chaton, Rainier Lericolais & Charles Pennequin will play together Novembre 22nd, 2011, at the Pannonica, Nantes, with students of the research unity of the Nantes' Fine Arts School (ESBANM) called APNÉ (à propos d'une nouvelle école), leaded by artist and musicologist Michel Aubry and the architect Édith Commissaire. Special guests are Henrique Martins-Duarte (Châteauroux_Underground/la galerie du cartable), art critic & poet Pierre Giquel, artists Cécile Paris & Julie Michel.

The performance called "La Chambre des échos" (the echo's chamber) will mix improvisation & electro-acoustic music, poetry, readings and lighting effects based on the plans for the Pavillon programmatique created by architect Philippe Rahm in a precedent session of the APNÉ's workshop.

This is the third concert of the APNÉ research unity, after L'Opérette de musique concrète (Lieu Unique, 2008) and Nice Nights, Stock it  (European League of the Institutes of the Art Biennial Conference, Nantes, 2010)

free entrance, advance booking needed : 0033 240 359 020

Nov. 20th, at 09:00 PM (french hour) the Cosmogol999 radio show (on JET FM) scheduled a broadcast dedicated to this performance. You can heard it live (read the instructions here) or wait for the playlist and the podcast here)


VA - CARNET DE NOTES 25 (2011)

NPH 005 2011
Olivier Prieur, from The Dead Mauriacs and the  Art Pénultième editions, compiled a selection of live recordings by bands from Le Havre, Normandy, France. 

1/ Nozal Cube - Tourneson 2010 (17'30) : guitar, sampler, synthesizer, Cd player, K7 player, various objects.
*Recorded live at Fort de Tourneville, September 2010, Tourneson festival curated by PiedNu. (video)
2/ The Dead Mauriacs - Live at Le Monte-En-L'Air (28'13) : computers, keyboards, monotron, walkman.
*Recorded Live at Monte-en-l'air library, Paris, 24 sept. 2011
3/ Sondéole - Enregistrement à Raffetôt (9'30) : eolian harps
4/ Stéphane Deraime - Before and After me (14'46)

Rip & Booklet here : 320/RAR/MU