Papier Maché - pulp33

Experimental New Wave by Simon Fisher Turner
A1 - Novita Morphus
A2 - Srumenti Per Aqua
A3 - La Scala Che Si Appendi
A4 - Piano Di Ripose
A5 - Sloane Square
A6 - The Bone Of Desire
B1 - When Will I Shoot You Again
B2 - The Wire Weavers
B3 - Fleur De Fries Sings
Cello – Audrey Riley
Drums – Lord Ashley Wales (Five Or Six, Shock Headed Peters, Spring Heel Jack)
Guitar – James Faster, Claudine Coule
Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Synthesizer, Tape – Simon Fisher Turner
Viola, Violin – Jos Pook
Voice – Fleur DeFrise, Lennie Smith, Mary Phillips
Ripped by HOP : 320/RAR/MU

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øשlqæda a dit…

holy shit! i've hunting after this fer many, many moons. thanks so much fer sharing!

Quite Alright a dit…

this is lovely, thx!

basso a dit…

many thanks for this. Simon's #1

Anonyme a dit…

Merci beaucoup pour ca, i own the vinyl since it came out and was looking soooooo loooong for this,a real jewel still.Perfect! (and of course on the other hand i was to lazy to digitize the vinyl, however).
Greetings from Germany
Le Boche

Anonyme a dit…

Wow! I was hoping to find this someday.
Can you please reup this link.
thank you

Anonyme a dit…

Can you please re-upload this rare item.
I have been looking for this forever.
Thank you

Anonyme a dit…

Could please reload this link.
I have been looking for this everywhere.
thank you

Anonyme a dit…

Wow! i can't believe I found this.
On no. Could you please make a new link.