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• Musica Popular Revolucionaria vol 1

• Coil's Remixes Anthology vol.1 and 2

• 50 ans de Musique concrete 26 min

• Musique concrète 1959 n°2

• Eliane Radigue Biogenesis

• Robert Horton Tapemusic 1979/2009

• Meredith Monk Recent Ruins Bootleg

• Kelday Odznsdoz

• Genesis P'Orridge and Thee Majesty Mary Never Wanted Jesus LP+CD

• Jean Schwartz Anticycle II

• Test Dept Live '83

• Tuxedomoon Soma

• Kingdom Scum Golden Asshole Legacy + Thee Digital as Drug

• Lericolais/Aubry/Legrand DJ

• Groupe de Musique Expérimentale de Châteauroux MEC

• Revue Pratiques de la cassette K7.1 vol. 1


Musica Popular Revolucionaria vol 1 (first upload april 2009)
(MF - by request feb. 2015)
01 Canta Camarada - Zeca Afonso
02 Maria Faia - Zeca Afonso
03 EH! Companheiro - José Mário Branco
04 A Deusa Do Amor - Sérgio Godinho
05 A Minha Cidade - Paco Bandeira
06 Canção do Desterro (Emigrantes) - Zeca Afonso
07 Farto de Voar - Sérgio Godinho
08 O Meu Compadre - Sérgio Godinho
09 Canção de Embalar - Zeca Afonso
10 Descansa a cabeça na Estalajadeira - Sérgio Godinho
11 Cantiga do Fogo e da Guerra - José Mário Branco
12 Independência - Sérgio Godinho
13 O Ás da Negação - Sérgio Godinho
14 A Cigana e o Pastor - Paco Bandeira
15 Moda do Entrudo - Zeca Afonso
16 Os Bravos - Zeca Afonso
17 Os Indios da Meia Praia - Dulce Pontes
18 Grândola Vila Morena (Ao Vivo) - Zeca Afonso


ROBERT HORTON - TAPE MUSIC 1979-2009 (new link feb. 2015)

Gold Soundz - GS#90 - Cassette

Robert Horton (aka Egghatcher) plays experimental music since 1979, even most of his productions (drone, field recordings, tape manipulations, guitar solo) was released since 2005. He runs the Hoal Records label.
It's great, you have to listen to !

interview here in french

A1 Mantra
A2 Tape Peace, 4/13/09 5:35
A3 Absenses, 1989 2:22
A4 Breath, 4/12/09 4:30
A5 Clang Pressure Of Time, 1980 2:28
A6 Fun With Django, 4/13-15/09 3:48
A7 Sugar Sugar, 1979 2:08
A8 Earth Carnival, 1988 For Frith 2:17
A9 Groundwater 7:17
B1 Poem, 1980-1991 2:07
B2 Evolution #9, 5/12/09 For Mike Shannon 9:12
B3 Only A Niche, 1985 8:20
B4 Tape Space Inside, 4/7/09 2:43
B5 Tape Yr World Together For A While, 2006-09 3:04
B6 Mr Nakamura, 4/15/09 2:24
B7 Spin For Ives, 1991 1:26
B8 End With A Theme, 4/14/09 1:25
B9 Mantra

ripp by Rain (1 track by side): 320/ZIP/MF

Important records said : Founded the Appliances, part of San Francisco’s first wave of punk bands in 1979. Played at the inaugural mayoral ball for Jello Biafra. ISM also in 79 was one of the first SF noise bands playing a series of house shows.
Robert formed Plateau Ensemble in 1983, a tribal noise drone group who played in the Bay Area until 1987 drawing members from the Jon Hassell Group, ROVA, KU KU KU, Glorious Din, Eternal Glands of Secretion, Gamelan Seka Jaya, etc. 
Through out the 80’s and 90’s Robert participated in the cassette revolution releasing tapes in Japan, Italy, Belgium, Britain, and the USA. 
During the mid 90s to 2004 Robert’s time was mostly in doing Anti- Racism Educational groups called the UNtraining. He continued to record but hoarded it all for himself. 
Lately the dam has broken with releases on Foxglove, JYRK, 267-lattajjaa, Celebrate Psi Phenomena, New American Folk Hero, Barl Fire, Spanish Magic and Outa.
Robert records under his own name, Egghatcher, and Future Ears. He is currently a member of Kyrgyz, Beautiful Friend, Infinite Article, Broken Mask, and the duo with Tom Carter.