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• Musica Popular Revolucionaria vol 1

• Coil's Remixes Anthology vol.1 and 2

• 50 ans de Musique concrete 26 min

• Musique concrète 1959 n°2

• Eliane Radigue Biogenesis

• Robert Horton Tapemusic 1979/2009

• Meredith Monk Recent Ruins Bootleg

• Kelday Odznsdoz

• Genesis P'Orridge and Thee Majesty Mary Never Wanted Jesus LP+CD

• Jean Schwartz Anticycle II

• Test Dept Live '83

• Tuxedomoon Soma

• Kingdom Scum Golden Asshole Legacy + Thee Digital as Drug

• Lericolais/Aubry/Legrand DJ

• Groupe de Musique Expérimentale de Châteauroux MEC

• Revue Pratiques de la cassette K7.1 vol. 1

5 commentaires:

Esteban (Tenedor) a dit…

Hi, thank you so much that you were again these works, these musics I love!, your work on this site is the best across the network!.

Keep it!
Greetings from Costa Rica.

Anonyme a dit…

thank you so much for keeping music and artists alive. You have a great ear for music.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you so much for this wonderful blog! Would you be able to re-up "Early Dedicated Japan" please?


Eric I. a dit…

Can you reupload V/VM Sick-Love again? Actually, anything you have by him, because he took the stuff down from his site.

ckibelf a dit…

Could you re-up this Galeshka Moravioff solo piano album? I bought his second, whih was very good, but this one is difficult to locate.

You have a very interesting assortment of music here. Thank you.