14 November 2000, sound poet Bernard Heidsieck (historic french poet performer) and living legend John Giorno played at Centre Culturel de la Pointe de Caux, Gonfreville, near Le Havre (Normandy), scheduled by Marie-Laure Dagoit (Derrière la salle de bains editions).
The show was recorded by  Philippe Cam and delivered by HOP, who had the privilege to be there : 320/RAR/MU

Bernard Heidsieck - Poème partition lettre A
Bernard Heidsieck - Vaduz
Bernard Heidsieck - Respirations et brèves rencontres
John Giorno - Untitled



Villa Magica Records - VMR 010LP

1 - Mary Never Wanted Jesus (2004)
2 - Have Mercy (1983)
3 - Dramaqueen (Mary) (2004)
4 - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (1989)
5 - I Like Thee Holidays (2004)
6 - Jesus Walked On Thee Water (2004)
7 - Rudolf Thee Red Nosed Reindeer (2004)
8 - Little Drummer Boy (2004)

Bass, Vocals - Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Glockenspiel, Backing Vocals - Morrison Edley
Lead Vocals - Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar - Bryin Dall
Tabla, Sampler - Larry Thrasher

LP+CD version 320/ZIP/MF


[alice news] 22/12/2011 : ciné-concert Dialogue Fictif #6

At the Winter Solstice night, December 22nd, la galerie du cartable (The satchel gallery) will show the Shadows Dialogue #6 : a lesson of painting from Oskar Kokoschka to Günter Brus at L'Atelier Cotinat, Châteauroux.

This is a silent movie, based on the shooting of the performance at the Octave Cowbell Gallery, Metz, in novembre 2006, and for completing and finishing this project, the Châteauroux_Underground Association commissioned the french noise band IF to play live the soundtrack.

This performance will be shoot and included on the final editing.

Free entrance, booking needed : chateauground/at/gmail/dot/com

IF myspace
IF youtube



CCI Recordings – CCI 001
Music by Ryoji Ikeda  for the 1999 multimedia show "memorandum" by Dumb Type, artists collective from Kyoto, Japan, founded in 1984.

1 Memoria Technica (vocals – Rene Eyre, Simon Fisher Turner) 
2 Scanning Memory
3 Torch Song
4 Ring-A-Rosy
5 In A Spin
6 Blowback
7 Barely Bear
8 Possible Rooms (Vocals – Rene Eyre, Simon Fisher Turner)
9 Forest Of Memories
10 Dive Into Memories
11 Loophole(s)
12 On A Clear Day...

Arigato goisamasu Rain-San ! 320/RAR/MU



Thanks to Sophie for the ripp of these two limited edition of magickal guitar drones. Be prepared for 2 hours long meditation !

Guitar Meditations Vol. II - Wagon – 2 × CDr, Limited Edition of 200 (2010)
Electric Guitar recorded September and October 2009, Antwerp, Belgium.

1.1 Beneath The Bells 30:09
1.2 Wandering Memory 29:55
2.1 Escape 20:15
2.2 Postcard 8:24
2.3 In The Architecture 11:39
2.4 Far Away 19:49

The Invisible World - Cylindrical Habitat Modules (Cassette, Limited Edition, C30)

A The Invisible World 14:55
B Backdraft 13:19



Here is a 1983 live performance by acclaimed british industrial band TEST DEPT, an obscure bootleg cassette without any information (the cover above is not the original) but showing the early years of band at his best.
Thanks to Rain for this beating present

If anyone have information about this cassette (cover, tracklist, notes), let me know in the comments !



Crammed Discs – CRAM 048 CD
Great soundtrack for an obscure video-film composed with beautiful covers by Minimal Compact and Tuxedomoon members. In my young years, this album made me discovered the Velvet and I still think that the cover of "Ocean" here is better than the original ! I'm very grateful that HOP ripped the CD with the bonus track in a great .wav package ! [file deleted]

you can dl now on the ex-lion tamer new blog here

1 Minimal Compact - Still I'm Sad [The Yardbirds]
 2 Niki Mono & Nikolas Klau - Flaming [Pink Floyd]
 3 Peter Principle - No Man's Land [Syd Barrett]
 4 Niki Mono & Minimal Compact – Marathon
 5 Minimal Compact - Late Night [Syd Barrett]
 6 Nikolas Klau, Steven Brown, Peter Principle - Venus In Furs [Velvet Underground]
 7 Niki Mono & Berry Sakharof - Dancing Barefoot [Patti Smith]
 8 Steven Brown - Coming Back To Me [Jefferson Airplane]
 9 Bruce Geduldig & Peter Principle - Ocean [Velvet Underground]
 10 Winston Tong - Late Night [Syd Barrett]


[alice news] Fabrice Cotinat in ROVEN #6 + CALL FOR VIDEO PROJECT

French artist Fabrice Cotinat, member of La galerie du cartable and Châteauroux_Underground activist, have a complete review about his drawings devices (archeiropoietographe, confusion and more) by Maëlle Dault, in the french art magazine ROVEN n°6.

You can buy the mag here : presses du réel (18 €)

Fabrice Cotinat, with art critic & teacher Corinne Domer, artsits Alain Doret and Marie-Jeanne Hoffner, had just created an association called 'Ana D's Collection' which is dealing with the moving image in its relationship with architecture.

"For our first call for videos, we wish to ask you to help us to launch 'La collection d’Ana.D.' in setting up the basis of our project :
We think your work may have some link to this specific subject or that you may be able to pass the information to someone who would be interested.
Once this first edition is created, we will then be able to actually set up the diffusion process and meetings we wish to organize around this video library.
You can mail us at
collectionanad[at]gmail[dot]com for the details of the project and the application process (in french/english).
Deadline is the 31st of January 2012. We will then select the videos mid february."

Please do not hesitate to contact them for further questions.


[alice news] Concert de l'Ensemble Climatique, Pannonica, Nantes, 22 nov. 2011

Anne-James Chaton, Rainier Lericolais & Charles Pennequin will play together Novembre 22nd, 2011, at the Pannonica, Nantes, with students of the research unity of the Nantes' Fine Arts School (ESBANM) called APNÉ (à propos d'une nouvelle école), leaded by artist and musicologist Michel Aubry and the architect Édith Commissaire. Special guests are Henrique Martins-Duarte (Châteauroux_Underground/la galerie du cartable), art critic & poet Pierre Giquel, artists Cécile Paris & Julie Michel.

The performance called "La Chambre des échos" (the echo's chamber) will mix improvisation & electro-acoustic music, poetry, readings and lighting effects based on the plans for the Pavillon programmatique created by architect Philippe Rahm in a precedent session of the APNÉ's workshop.

This is the third concert of the APNÉ research unity, after L'Opérette de musique concrète (Lieu Unique, 2008) and Nice Nights, Stock it  (European League of the Institutes of the Art Biennial Conference, Nantes, 2010)

free entrance, advance booking needed : 0033 240 359 020

Nov. 20th, at 09:00 PM (french hour) the Cosmogol999 radio show (on JET FM) scheduled a broadcast dedicated to this performance. You can heard it live (read the instructions here) or wait for the playlist and the podcast here)


VA - CARNET DE NOTES 25 (2011)

NPH 005 2011
Olivier Prieur, from The Dead Mauriacs and the  Art Pénultième editions, compiled a selection of live recordings by bands from Le Havre, Normandy, France. 

1/ Nozal Cube - Tourneson 2010 (17'30) : guitar, sampler, synthesizer, Cd player, K7 player, various objects.
*Recorded live at Fort de Tourneville, September 2010, Tourneson festival curated by PiedNu. (video)
2/ The Dead Mauriacs - Live at Le Monte-En-L'Air (28'13) : computers, keyboards, monotron, walkman.
*Recorded Live at Monte-en-l'air library, Paris, 24 sept. 2011
3/ Sondéole - Enregistrement à Raffetôt (9'30) : eolian harps
4/ Stéphane Deraime - Before and After me (14'46)

Rip & Booklet here : 320/RAR/MU



Det Grymma Svärdet ("The cruel sword" in Swedish) is an alternative magazine released by Lystring and managed by Pontus Lundkvistcartoonist, writer, filmmaker, member of noise rock group "Kekkonen" and "This is punishment". 
Det Grymma Svärdet mixes short stories, interviews, comics, art, photos (in swedish) and music. The fifth edition contains articles written by Anna Ekman, Pontus Lundkvist,Tobias Lund and John Nilsson, comics by Kerstin Bjorkand, Henrik Möller, Pontus Lundkvist, a number more or less well-known illustrators.
Rain ripped the vinyl disc attached to the book and you can taste the glorious madness of swedish pranksters (Testbild!, Naimi (Kristin Eklund), The Goner, David Liljemark, Ved) here : 320/RAR/MU (music only, if you want this incredible mag, go here : http://www.adlibris.com/)
file under : noise, folk, psychedelic rock


ED HERRMANN - ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1981-1983 (re-up oct. 2012)

Ed Herrmann Self-released - Cassette, C60
Ripped by Rain (1 track by side) : new link RS oct. 2012
If you like music made with the Metasynth software, you'll like Ed Hermann !

 A1 Day To Day 4:30
 A2 Four Spices 4:20
 A3 Power Of Speech 3:05
 A4 Eye Dance 8:00 A5 Rusta Fasta 4:20
 B1 Summoning Forces 12:40
 B2 Brings The Dawn 10:40

  Discogs says : Ed Herrmann’s professional background includes extensive work as an audio engineer, radio host, and producer. In addition to his work as an audio engineer, he has composed music for dance, theater, and radio.
His performances using the Serge synthesizer include duets with saxophonist Andrew Voigt, clarinetist Dwight Frizzell, and dancer Bob Beswick. He has performed with instrument designer Tom Nunn and is a founding member of the Edgewalker Ensemble.
A goal of his live performance music music is to combine the disciplin and coherence of composition with the spontaneity and risk of improvisation.



The Dead Mauriacs is a french band from Le Havre, Normandy. Members are Vincent Domeyne (Computer, Electric guitar) and Olivier Prieur (Computer, Field Recordings, Piano and other keyboards), also known for the editions L'Art Pénultième and a closed collaborator of this blog.

Released in 2009 on a limited CD-R edition of 20 under the number NPH001 and available here : 320/RAR/MU, "SUITE" is the first record of the band, highly recommended for the AliceRabbit's followers (part drone, part noise and some exquisite electronic and nonsense humour).
Berceuse Indienne Fragmentée
Elégie aux grenouilles empoisonnées
Telepathic Transmission From The Dead Mauriacs
Shup Shup Houwou

 The last Dead Mauriacs' record was published by Susan Matthews' SirenWire Editions and is still available here.
More info : http://www.thedeadmauriacs.com or myspace

And last but not least, Olivier Prieur compiled a selection of live recordings by normand bands called Carnet de notes 25, a selection for AliceRabbit (NPH005) which will be available on the blog very soon but you can get it physically in a handsome packaging (as always with the Art Pénultième's sense of perfection and beauty) at world's best record shop (according to Felix Kubin and I) Bimbo Tower, Paris.



Le Kiosque d'Orphée - KO4/UHAM - 7", 33 ⅓ RPM
Subtitled "Les Ainou vont-ils disparaître ? / Will Ainou people disappear ?", this EP collected recordings by Jean Mahuzier of traditional music and songs of the Ainu people, indigenous ethnie of the japanese Hokkaido island in early '70s.
a review in french here : ohancolin.wordpress.com

A1 Prière Aïnou Au Dieu Du Lac
A2 Danse Du Sabre Divin
A3 Solo De "Mukkuri"
A4 Cours De Koto
B1 O. Bon Au Temple Bouddhique
B2 Cérémonie Shinto
B3 Autour D'Un Feu De Camp

amazing and beautiful, ripped by rain : 320/RAR/MU


SUNN O))) - DISCOGRAPHY 1997-2007 (update & fixed june 2012))

1998 - The Grimmrobe Demos (Demo)

2000 - 00 Void
2002 - Flight Of The Behemoth

2003 - The Libations Of Samhain (Live EP)

2003 - Veils It White (12'' Live EP)

2003 - White1
2004 - Candlewolf Of The Golden Chalice (The Peel Session) (12'' Live EP)

2004 - Cro-Monolithic Remixes for an Iron Age EP
 (eart and merzbow remixes)
2004 - Live White
 part1 part2
2004 - The Horn & The Spear EP (Eric Syre - EMS Remix)

2004 - White2
 part1 part2
2005 - Black One (Limited Edition)
 part1 part2
2005 - Live at Roadburn Festival 09-04-2005 (Live Bootleg)

2006 - Angel Coma (Sunn O))) & Earth Split) 12''

2006 - La Mort Noir dans Esch-Alzette (Live)

2006 - Live at TegenTonen 03-03-2006 (Live bootleg)
2007 - Altar (Sunn O))) & Boris)
 CD1 CD2
2007 - Flight Of The Behemoth (2 CD reissue)
2007 - Live at Paris 12-12-2007
 [Soundboard Recording]
2007 - Oracle EP
 part1 part2
2007 - White2 - 3 CD reissue part1 part2 part3

+ CUTWOODedD (collab with Ulver, bonus track for the WHITEbox)
 + My Wall (live)

+ prelude and bootleg (Sunn O))) / Om @ Koko, Camden, London - Monday, 14 December 2009) thank you philsbootlegs

+ Nurse with wound/sunn o))) - Live at Koko on 12 June 2012 :  




Brainwashed Recordings - BRAIN010 - 7", Limited Edition of 500
MIMIR is the post-HNAS band of the ubiquitous and talentuous german underground godfather Christoph Heemann with The Legendary Pink Dots's leader Edward Ka-Spel, joined by Andreas Martin (experimental guitarist & brother of Christoph Heemann, also a member of HNAS and Mirror) and Phil Knight (aka The Silverman, from The Legendary Pink Dots).
Ambient music for textural brains, ripped by Rain and available here : 320/RAR/MU



Reue Um Reue - RUR010 - 2 × LP, Limited Edition, Compilation

DISCOGS : "Born in late 1997 the Vienna-based Nový Svět set out to bring some confusion into the so-called industrial uniformity. The group is neither tied to any musical style nor to any language. Each of the five albums released (Rumorarmonio, Faccia a faccia, Cuori di petrolio, Venezia, Chappaqua) introduced the always growing audience to a new aspect of the group.
Nový Svět was one of the very first projects to be released on Albin Julius' Hau Ruck! label where it found a home for its own recordings but also for many collaborations with other groups from the label's roster (Mushroom's Patience, Dernière Volonté, Foresta Di Ferro). Until today, Nový Svět has been pushing the limits of musical categories aside to establish a unique mixture of folk, experimental and haunting neo-surrealism."

A1 Znaem ("Morava" tape, Junges Wien, JW03, 1998)
A2 Gloria Dos ("Nový Svět", tape, Junges Wien, JW02, 1997)
A3 Ruina (previously unreleased)
A4 Nada ("L'age D'or", LP, bootleg, 2003)
A5 Unus ("Todas Las Illusiónes", tape, Junges Wien, JW07, 1998)
B1 Último Paso (previously unreleased)
B2 Raíces ("Nový Svět", tape, Junges Wien, JW02, 1997)
B3 Sand [originally from Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra] ("Madonna Lights", tape, Junges Wien, JW05, 1998
B4 Ein Strick (previously unreleased)
B5 Día Y Noche ("L'age D'or", LP, bootleg, 2003)
B6 Animazone
B7 NoMeDiCe (previously unreleased)
C1 Meddeux (previously unreleased)
C2 No Volne Smery ("Todas Las Illusiónes", tape, Junges Wien, JW07, 1998)
C3 Sangre Y Arena ("Madonna Lights", tape, Junges Wien, JW05, 1998)
C4 Soledad II ("L'age D'or", LP, bootleg, 2003)
C5 No Más Palabras ("L'age D'or", LP, bootleg, 2003)
C6 Soledad I ("Todas Las Illusiónes", tape, Junges Wien, JW07, 1998)
D1 Morava ("Morava", tape, Junges Wien, JW03, 1998)
D2 Invocación A La Ciudad ("V/A - Exposition - Music Based On Futuristic Theories, Wien 1.998", tape, Junges Wien, JW06, 1998)
D3 Soledad Mi Única Belleza (previously unreleased)
D4 Axaxas Mloe ("Todas Las Illusiónes", tape, Junges Wien, JW07, 1998)
D5 That's Why I Love You ("Morava", tape, Junges Wien, JW03, 1998)

new link RS oct. 2012


OM - OM (RCA, 1979)

RCA - ZL 37244 - LP
Experimental and cosmical music made with metallic hand-made instruments built (like a psychedelic version of the structures sonores Lary-Baschet) by sculptor Guy BAUDAT & Luk DUCHATEAU in Gargilesse, Berry (south of Châteauroux, in the Centre of France), recorded & produced by Laurent THIBAULT (co-founder of french cult band Magma), who runned the Château d'Hérouville Studio
1 Sons Silence 11:28
2 Ombres 6:03
3 Paysages D'Âmes 17:40

a gem ripped by Rain : RAR/MU/320



No Basement Is Deep Enough - NBIDE#1 - Cassette - Limited Edition
Split cassette with in the first side, the project of Angela Sawyer (weirdo records) & James Apt (Ultra Eczema label) and in the other side Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau, german duet who worked with ultra eczema, blossoming noise and smegma.
"Kommissar Hjuler (born Detlev Hjuler in 1967) is a sound recordist and visual artist from Flensburg, a town on the German border with Denmark. His intensely personal style is derived from neo dada, fluxus and art brut. Many of his recordings are made with his wife, Mama Bär, and his family (two sons). Kommissar Hjuler serves as a police officer in his community and for him, spare time, art and family are inseparable involvements. He is self-taught as an artist and began making music in 1999 and visual art in 2006." (discogs)

1 Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers – The Duck National Anthem
2 Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers – A Phone Conversation
3 Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers – How To Become A Switchboard Operator ?
4 Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers – Jed Speare's Mood
5 Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau – Come, Josephine
6 Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau – Forvandlingen (Käfer Remix)

thanks to Rain : 320/RAR/MU



A.I.P.R 03 - 7" (555 copies)
Gerogerigegege is the noise project of 山之内純太郎 (Yamanouchi Juntarō) started in 1985. This single contains 84 tracks.
review in english here : artnotart

Rain ripp : 320/RAR/MU



Aquilifer Sodality - 0AE 03058 - 7"
ULTRA (Dr. Tengelmann, Herr Mücke & St. Degeneratus aka R Stanford King, Wesley Mark & Jon Carlson) is an "experimental/noise US outfit. Ultra creates deeply anxious collages of sound and voice in a mixture of fear and beauty. There are some places where they scream their faces off, but mostly it is the nature of the sounds themselves: hordes of insects, demonic sighs, electric buzzes, rumbles, creaking that gets under your skin and into your head, whether you want it to or not." (discogs)
The first released was a live cassette in 1986 on Christoph Heemann's DOM label, before running DOM AMERICA, still active nowadays.
> a review in french : guts of darkness

A I Can't Stand A Bitchy Chick
B New Centurion (NAMBLA Version)

thanks Rain : RAR/320/MU



Mysterious cassette found in a shop in Berlin and ripped by Rain. Electronic manipulations, noise, minimal synth, ambient, field recordings, beautiful music indeed. If anyone can tell something about the band or the cassette, leave a comment please !



reConnaître, RMN
Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) was a controversial french artist and theorician of ART BRUT (outsider art). This record was released by Réunion Des Musées Nationaux & Fondation Dubuffet to be sold with the Coucou Bazar exhibition catalog at the Unterlinden museum, Colmar, France from 29th of june to 20th october 2002.
Another gem provided by HOP : 320/RAR/MU



Lovely Music Ltd. -LML 1021
Recorded at York University Electronic Media Studios (Toronto, Ontario), October/November 1976, performed by trumpetist Jon Hassell with the help of Larry Polansky, brazilian percussionist Nanà Vasconcelos, David Rosenboom, Andy Jerison, Bill Winant & Nicholas Kilbourn.
"Composer/trumpeter Jon Hassell is the visionary creator of a style of music he describes as Fourth World, a mysterious, unique hybrid of music both ancient and digital, composed and improvised, Eastern and Western. After composition studies and university degrees in the USA, he went to Europe to study electronic and serial music with Karlheinz Stockhausen. Several years later, he returned to New York where his first recordings were made with minimalist masters La Monte Young and Terry Riley, through whom he met the Hindustani raga master, Pandit Pran Nath, and embarked on a lifelong quest to transmute his teacher's Kirana vocal mastery into a new trumpet sound and style. In the last two decades, he has recorded albums which have, over the years, become so widely appropriated that many of their innovations have become woven anonymously into the texture of contemporary music high and low."

A1 Toucan Ocean
A2 Viva Shona
A3 Hex
A4 Blues Nile
B1 Vernal Equinox
B2 Caracas Night September 11, 1975

"[Vernal Equinox] introduced what Hassell called his "fourth world" style, one that unified world music with advanced electronic and futuristic techniques. Subsequent albums have further developed this vision.
"Toucan Ocean" opens with gentle steady percussion and two chords. Soon the muted and modified trumpet joins in with a charming birdcall-like timbre.
"Viva Shona" has a recording of a bird evironment with the trumpet making distant calls. A complex but gentle Mbira (African thumb piano) part soon enters.
"Hex" has a quasi-random funky bass with percussion that is both steady and like snake rattles and hisses. An electronically-modified trumpet makes a deep bamboo flute-like sound that evokes spirits.
"Blues Nile" against a drone, a sorrowful yet dignified melody is played and delayed in deep reverb as if across the desert vastness.
"Vernal Equinox" is a 22-minute improvisation in the spirit of a raga with a long arhythmic first section (alap) and a gentle rhythmic second section. The trumpet is backed up by a gentle electronic drone and excellent laid-back tabla, dumbek and conga playing.
"Caracas Night September 11, 1975" opens with an environmental recording of crickets at night over which a soulful trumpet solo with gentle conga underscoring is played." [AMG]
Information by Discogs & AMG, ripp by HOP : 320/RAR/MU



Papier Maché - pulp33

Experimental New Wave by Simon Fisher Turner
A1 - Novita Morphus
A2 - Srumenti Per Aqua
A3 - La Scala Che Si Appendi
A4 - Piano Di Ripose
A5 - Sloane Square
A6 - The Bone Of Desire
B1 - When Will I Shoot You Again
B2 - The Wire Weavers
B3 - Fleur De Fries Sings
Cello – Audrey Riley
Drums – Lord Ashley Wales (Five Or Six, Shock Headed Peters, Spring Heel Jack)
Guitar – James Faster, Claudine Coule
Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Synthesizer, Tape – Simon Fisher Turner
Viola, Violin – Jos Pook
Voice – Fleur DeFrise, Lennie Smith, Mary Phillips
Ripped by HOP : 320/RAR/MU


alice news: Rainier Lericolais special edition book+poster+record

Two of the alicerabbit friends and purveyors of good tunes decided to work together : HOP's L'Art Pénultième & Rainier Lericolais bring the "dépeinture - 45rpm" in two editions available here : http://www.lartpenultieme.com/

• Simple edition (limited to 100) : book (20p) + poster + 45 RPM (15 euros).

• Special edition (limited to 20) signed by the artist : book (20p) + poster + 45 RPM + "g-ost-dust", (CD, 25min) : 25 euros


VA - MUSIQUE EXPERIMENTALE CASTELROUSSINE (1965-1984) - new link feb 2015

Incredible compilation of early experimental/concrete music from the MEC, an equivalent in Châteauroux of the GRM in Paris or the GMEB in Bourges.

Very rare LP, which was at the time only available in the Berry area and some french specialists resellers.

ripp and scans by Rain : new link MF (feb. 2015)

Constellations (1970) - Lilianne Rozier
Méta (1965) - Christian Badet
Voix Concrète (1974) - Sébastien Blondeau
Ventriloquie (1972) - Florence Fortuit
Étude percussive (1977) - Julien Fauguet
Belle Nurse - Charly Raynaud
Travelling (1983) - Danie Marx
La Héronière Marine (1966) - Frédéric Forest
Pétanque (1980) - Sylvie Maisonnette
Piano percussif (1979) - Jean-Jacques Rabot
Étude de Week-end (1981) - Éric Faucon
Poésies anamorphées (1976) - Maud Verdier
Voix en mouvements (1983) - Pierre Deplus
Prélude à Rod (1968) - Richard Thauvin



THT Disques
Limited edition of 100, selection by Rainier Lericolais.

1 Simon Fisher Turner – Silent Light
2 Geoffroy Montel [part of Minizza & Brocoli records] – Amantani
3 Susan Matthews – Dark Matter
4 Pierre Yves Macé [tzadik, Subrosa] – Nymphéa Lamento
5 PG – Pmm
6 Marco Lucchi – She Kisses Me Ode For A Mellotron
7 That Summer – April Skies (July Random Version)
8 Rainier Lericolais – Paste Modeling Silence
9 Richard Fauguet – Filochard Forever

320/RAR/MU Highly recommended !



intermedium rec. 003
Walter Ruttmann (1887-1941) was a german director, screenwriter, cinematographer and editor. As a filmmaker, he created an impressionistic symphony with his experimental portrait of Berlin in 1927 Berlin, die Sinfonie der Großstadt.
His unique musical composition Weekend is a pioneering work from the early days of radio, commissioned in 1928 by Berlin Radio Hour. In a collage of words, music fragments and sounds, Walter Ruttmann presented a radically innovative radio piece (Hörspiel) as an acoustic film of a Berlin weekend urban landscape. (discogs) Disapeared for a long time, a copy was discovered in 1978 and showed how innovative was this piece !
Intermedium Records is a german label of avant-garde and radioplays records. These remixes were commissioned for the Bayerischer Rundfunk.

1 Walter Ruttmann – Weekend
2 Ernst Horn – Sympathie Für Schulze Remix
3 DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid – Gedanken Form Remix
4 Mick Harris – Makeshift Whitebox Remix
5 Klaus Buhlert – Production Memory Remix
6 To Rococo Rot – Berlin 98 Version
7 John Oswald – Wknd 58

Enjoy the ripp (+ booklet) of Rain : 320/RAR/MU



cassette C.02
Musiques Inventives D'Annecy (MIA) follows Collectif & Cie (1980-2001) as a label, a recording studio & an organization for concerts & festival, now run by Philippe Moënne-Loccoz assisted by Fabien Toppino and Frédéric Miguel. They're also curating each November the MIA / Concerts d'Hiver et d'Aujourd'hui festival in Annecy (subtitled Festival des nouvelles formes musicales et scéniques).
French experimental stuff with some of the 80's underground tape stars at the moment.
Another Collectif & Cie record here
A1 Philippe Moënne-Loccoz – Stokhastes
A2 Lieutenant Caramel – Escalier De Service
A3 Patrick Rutgé – Fuite 1, Nuit Des Temps
B1 Joseph Raguin – Condizionata
B2 Frédéric Obringer – Et Après
B3 Bernard Donzel-Gargand
B4 Alain Basso (member ofDenier du culte) – Exocet
thanks to Ubiquitous Rain : 320/RAR/MU



İlhan Mimaroğlu is a musician and composer, born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1926. During the 1960s he studied in the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Center under Vladimir Ussachevsky and on occasions worked with Edgard Varèse and Stefan Wolpe.
Solmaz Sporel is perhaps the most beautiful of the turkish radio. She read in this record the Charles Perrault's tale "Le Petit Poucet" ("Little Thumbling").
A beautiful and amazing tale ripped by Rain : 320/RAR/MU


PITA - MESMER (2010)

Cassette only - limited edition of 250 copies
Track listing:
A: Mesmer - 21m05s
B: Mesmer - 19m17s
Written by Peter Rehberg. Recorded summer 1995 Mego Studio, Vienna.

"Peter Rehberg's first ever solo composition, originally released in 1995 as part of "mesmervariations", a (long-deleted) double CD by Ash International presented in an oversized plastic wallet with eight card inserts. That release contained various original compositions influenced by the work of Friedrich Mesmer, and included pieces by Ryoji Ikeda, Gescom, Edvard Graham Lewis, Robert Hampson, Bruce Gilbert, C M von Hausswolff and Drome (Bernd Friedmann). The artists featured on this release were given a copy of the vinyl recording "Mesmer" (Ash 1.8) and asked to compose a piece influenced by the work of Friedrich Mesmer the 19th Century 'animal magnetist and hypnotist'. The brief was - there is no brief; method and style were left entirely to the discretion of the composer. Rehberg's contribution is reproduced in its entirety here, the B-side of the cassette containing a copy of the weathered dubplate of the track he cut in 1996 for personal DJ use."

get it here : 320/RAR/MU



Cassette only - limited edition of 250 copies
A Raw Waterfall Recording Of Tunnel Falls At The Eagle Creek Trail In The Columbia River Gorge In Oregon, USA 19:54
B Raw Waterfall Recording Of The South Falls In Silver Falls State Park Located In The Oregon Cascade Mountains, USA 20:01
"There is a reason for this madness and that is the waterfall." – Roger Steen

320/RAR/MU by Rain.



TTW14 - cassette
cassette only - limited edition of 250 copies

On the 27th of May 1992 at 12 noon GMT, alongside Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Leif Elggren proclaimed the Kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland, a new country established as a work of art.

"Active since the late 1970s, Leif Elggren has become one of the most constantly surprising conceptual artists to work in the combined worlds of audio and visual. A writer, visual artist, stage performer and composer, he has many albums to his credits, solo and with the Sons of God, on labels such as Ash International, Touch, Radium and his own Firework Edition. His music, often conceived as the soundtrack to a visual installation or experimental stage performance, usually presents carefully selected sound sources over a long stretch of time and can range from mesmerizingly quiet electronics to harsh noise. His wide-ranging and prolific body of art often involves dreams and subtle absurdities, social hierarchies turned upside-down, hidden actions and events taking on the quality of icons." (wikipedia)
A: The Life of the Plants - 13m46s
B: Swedenborg's Organ - 17m43s
The Life of the Plants recorded at "The Night of the Long Worms", Café Oto, London on 19 November 2009. First performed at Kontiki, Botanic Sounds, Gothenburg, Sweden on 6 June 2009. Thanks to Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander.
Swedenborg's Organ – recorded at The Showroom, London on 20 November 2009, in celebration of the DVD release of "Death Travels Backwards" by Leif Elggren on Errant Bodies Records. Thanks to Brandon LaBelle, Daniela Cascella, Lucia Farinati, Sound Threshold and Charlotte Engelkes.
320/RAR/MU, thanks to Rain RAIn RAin RAin
You can buy Firework Edition Records stuff and the late Elggren EP "Inner Voices" here or here (metamkine)



Ikuisuus / IKASUS-014 / Finland
Ikuisuus is A Finnish label releasing mostly experimental, psychedelic and ambient music on CD, CDR, CS and LP.
"North Carolina's Tretetam is a quietly abstract affair. Tretetam relies primarily on synth and found sounds, accompanied occasionally by other instruments as he crafts ambient pieces to occupy the space between conscious and subconscious.
Tretetam's self-titled is a sporadic in nature. Never straying from his synth and found sounds, he uses these to paint various fragments of portraits that make up the disconnect between reality and dream." (Foxy digitalis)
"Color Rabbit : Psychedelic jams, synthesizer melodies, varieties of acoustic sounds and intriguing soundscapes not unlike what you'd hear emitting from a space farm of acid-addicted critters. A progressive, fut...uristic conglomeration of instrumentation stuck in the late 60's."-Justing Marc Lloyd (Rainbow Bridge)
Color Rabbit : heavy sounded like psychedelic rock, freak rock, Kraut rock / Tretetam : tastes like industrial music sound collages meet hypnagogic pop.
here, by stormy Rain : 320/RAR/MU



Burro Ácrata is Olaf Ladousse, member of Los Caballos De Düsseldorf (LCDD) and inventor of Doo-Rags (amazing circuit-bent toys).
This is a tape recorded for afeitealperro.blogspot.com in 100 copies (2 euros)
On the A-side, you can hear seven electronic sweety experimental tracks and on the other side of the tape, the same 7 songs were registred in reverse. So listing with an autoreverse tape-recorder you could generate endless loops.
320/RAR/MU ripped by Rain, my dear friend.



France Culture : Atelier de Création Radiophonique
Dimanche 5 juin // 23 H >> 24 H :
A REBOURS : Un essai radiophonique de Minizza
Réalisation Gilles Mardirossian
D’après le roman de Joris-Karl Huysmans
Rainier Lericolais : Musique, Ordinateur, Percussions, Orgue Positif /Franck Marguin : Musique, Texte, Voix, Percussions, Orgue Positif /Geoffroy Montel : Musique, Clarinette, Vibraphone, Basse, Ordinateur, Percussions / Etienne Bonhomme : Batterie / Olivier Cavaillé : Basse, Violoncelle / Nicolas Jorio : Guitares / Pierre-Yves Macé : Piano / Daniel Palomo-Vinuesa : Saxophones / David Sanson : Piano
Podcast & streaming available tomorrow (see link above)

Chapelle du Carmel, Libourne (Sout-West of France, near Bordeaux).
Du 28 mai au 03 septembre 2011
Choses incorporelles
with Stéphane Calais, Franck Eon, Sylvie Fanchon, Rémy Hysbergue, Rainier Lericolais, Miquel Mont, Edouard Prulhière, Bruno Rousselot, Daniel Schlier, Cathy Jardon, Hugo Pernet, Sylvain Roch.
L'objectif de cette exposition est de démonter la persistance et la vivacité de la pratique de la peinture en France aujourd'hui. La succession des mouvements d'avant-garde, depuis la modernité, avait pu faire croire à la disparition de la peinture au profit d'autres pratiques. Or, la peinture persiste. Les productions de ces peintres attestent qu'ils ont su assimiler les leçons - les plus prégnantes voire les plus radicales- de l'histoire de cet art.

Instants Chavirés, Montreuil (near Paris)
du 4 au 26 juin 2011.
Parisonic, Hear & Now
Pour sa seconde édition Hear & Now, Parisonic aborde les questions actuelles de notre relation au lieu, en présentant le travail d'artistes pour lesquels le son est, de près ou de loin, le moyen, le matériau et le véhicule d'une attention, d'une sensibilité et d'un questionnement sur l'ici et maintenant.
Parisonic 2011 réunit 27 artistes français et australiens dans une exposition en un lieu et plusieurs temps. Des rencontres avec les artistes, des performances

Marion Meyer contemporain, Paris.
du 1er mai au 18 juin 2011
Michel Aubry / Rainier Lericolais / Richard Monnier

• Choses incorporelles, ed. Ceysson

• Echoes, Centre Culturel Suisse

• Down at the industrial club, Brocoli Digital

• The Abscence, Brocoli EP

• Abstracks, Confort Moderne Tape

• volume 1, ed. Roven/Presses du réel

AND ALWAYS : Rainier Lericolais Sound Project : download, listen, remix, upload.