L'HARPISTE, SA MUSE... (e.g.t.n.v...09m - cassette, 1983)

Very rare cassette from french collective artists living in Châtearoux, little city lost in Berry, the center of France, related with La Sonorité Jaune.
Experimental and synthetics stuff, with some flavour of hermeticism and mysticism and some puns in a Duchamp way.

Industrial music for Berry People. Ripped by Rainier Lericolais who curates the Le Berrython exhibition in Art College of Châteauroux, 6 October-2 December 2017.

Get it here : https://www.mediafire.com/file/265tsdcfl9vbd75/l%27harpiste%20sa%20muse....zip

and don't forget : the 4 volumes of Le Berrython are still available in this blog
volume 1 : http://alicerabbit.blogspot.fr/2009/04/berrython-fragments-of-chateauroux.html
volume 2 : http://alicerabbit.blogspot.fr/2009/09/le-berrython-2-more-fragments-of.html
volume 3 : http://alicerabbit.blogspot.fr/2012/05/le-berrython-vol3-return-to-last-saloon.html
volume 4 : http://alicerabbit.blogspot.fr/2014/11/le-berrython-vol-4-douest-en-est.html

volume 5 is available on the blog Nostalgie de la boue
and volume 6 (fanzine + CD) during the exhibition in Châteauroux