VA - P l Un d E R ph 0 n I c A - Dictaphonics Tape

Many thanks to Thorsten Soltau (m.m label) for sharing this compilation with us. Read the message below for more details.

Here we go……
as a tiny gift to armeur H/alice rabbit and the vault plundering Rainier m.m decided to share a second time some plunderphonical gems from the archives for further treatments and combinations.

the dictaphonic samples are from a dictaphone I borrowed from a friend some time ago. since the original tape was erased and overwritten with some hilarious spoken word jams I decided to save the best parts for me- the result can be heard on a four-tracker ep released in a run of only 23 copies.
since the material will not be used again this is a rare treat to work with some very intimate sources. since the owner of the tape would like to remain anonymous I had to select some recordings out.

the suspiria track is a cut-up I made for a picture disc. the sound was directly taken from an old german vhs rip- the vhs cvlt has arrived on m.m.

all these sounds are free to use. please be so fair and credit the source with my name when you use it commercially.

thanks for so much music and stay creative!

thorsten soltau
m.m label
april 2011

download it here : RAR/WAV/MU new link june 2011


VA - Revue K.7. n°2 - Pratiques de la cassette (2011)

Second Issue of the magazine + compilation about the use of the cassette on the underground scene.
Extracts of cassettes released by RoiR, Staaltape, Audio Arts Editions, Rough Trade, United Dairies, Industrial Records, SJ Org and many more.
Artwork & selection by french artist and composer Rainier Lericolais, in exclusivity for alicerabbit.
First Issue available HERE

01 Vito Acconci - VD Lives/TV must Die (excerpt) - 1978
02 Einstürzende Neubauten - Wonb (Hamburg) - 1980
03 Human Flesh - Total Recall - 1982
04 Throbbing Gristle - Untitled (New T.G. 2 -Flowmotion) - 1982
05 z'ev - 50 Gates b/w World Percussion - 1984
06 P16D4 - Wer Nicht Arbeiten Will Soll Auch Nicht Essen - 1981
07 Chris & Cosey - Tight Fit - 1981
08 Jonas Mekas - Warhol's Memorial April 1 - 1987
09 Ed Hermann - Four Spices - 1983
01 Roger Doyle - Rapid Eye Movements - 1981
02 Nurse With Wound - In Heaven - 1987
03 A.I.Z. - Le Bruiteur domestique - 1985
04 Monte Cazzaza - First/Last - 1980
05 Robert Horton - Mantra - 1979
06 Cabaret Voltaire - Kneel To The Boss - 1981
07 Clock DVA - Contradict - 1980
08 Michael Nyman - The Masterwork Award Winning Fish-Knife
09 Nam June Paik - At Hayward Gallery - 1988
10 F/I - Untitled - 1987

n°2 available here, compilation & magazine (Hi-Res) : new link MF oct. 2012 and adrive (sept. 2013)



Ralph Records, Eva-Tone Soundsheets - EV-1774XT
Very rare & limited Flexi-disc, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Sampler, Single Sided, Transparent (as said on discogs). 1000 copies of this limited edition flexi were made and given away free with File magazine as MTR promotion. 7 minutes which contains excerpts of the following songs : Numb Erone; Guylum Bardot; Smelly Tongues; Rest Aria; N-ER-GEE (A Crisis Bluesuite); Seasoned Greetings

A great share provided by Rain, the almost Lord of the ripping 320/RAR/MU new link june 2011



United Dairies - UD11
Roger Doyle is an irish experimental musician, co-founder of the music-theatre company Operating Theatre, awarded at the now defunct Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition (GMEB, France, 1997).
By saving his scholarship living expenses money Roger Doyle financed and came back from Holland with his first LP under his arm OIZZO NO (1975) [go to the doorstep], a mixture of acoustic and electronic pieces. A further scholarship took him to the Finnish Radio Experimental Music Studio for a year. CBS Records released a second LP THALIA in 1978. A third LP was released in 1981 on the London United Dairies label RAPID EYE MOVEMENTS, his 'masterpiece before the age of 30' (rogerdoyle.com)

A Fin-estra
B Rapid Eye Movements

Artwork By Steven Stapleton

cassette ripp by Rain : 320/RAR/MU new link june 2011



UFO Mongo 007
Great Paul Kelday record, musician in link with the NWW/ICR connexion.
All tracks recorded in 1985 except B2 (1990) and B3 (1996). Mastered from reel 2-track and cassettes, no noise reduction used.
Most of the material has only been available on tapes before but here in a different mix than previously released, a few of them are exclusive. Very dark analog synth music, spaced out and psychedelic atmosphear. Vinyl limited to 300 numbered copies.
another Paul Kelday item

A1 One Dimensional
A2 Emerge From Nothingness
A3 Short Stay In The Garden Of Optimism
A4 Plight Of The Butterfly Of Peace In The Web Of Hatred
A5 Doomsday
A6 Comet
A7 One Dimensional (Outro)
B1 Dehumanization Process
B2 Gorgon
B3 Trance
B4 Cry For The Moon
B5 Untill The End Of Time
B6 Bonus Track

Thank you RAIN for this gem : 320/RAR/RS new link oct 2012



Arcana - 90287
"Ein Elektroakustisches Manifest Gegen Die Phallokratie"
Un manifeste electro-acoustique contre la phallocratie / an electroacoustic manifesto against androcracy.

The artist is credited on the front cover with the surname of his wife (Fischer) and on the back cover with his own surname (Schwarzenlander), as the work is a manifesto against phallocracy. (discogs)

A Martin Fischer - Warum Sollte Ich Wohl? Ein Elektroakustisches Manifest Gegen Die Phallokratie (1987) 21:38
B1 Martin Schwarzenlander - Nicht Ein Wassertropfen Fehlt Dem Meer (1984) 13:32
B2 Martin Schwarzenlander - Das Unrecht In Meinem Bad (1980) 10:53

First track was realised in the studios of the G.M.E.B. (Groupe de Musique Expérimental de Bourges, a regionalist equivalent of the Schaeffer's GRM, created in 1970, ceased to exist in 2010, due to a government decision).
The other tracks were realised in IPEM, Gent, Belgium.

ripped by RAIN, 320/RAR/MU new link june 2011



Le Chant Du Monde - LDX 74551

Pour bande magnétique et percussions
Tape part realized at the Groupe de recherches musicales de l'O.R.T.F.
Michel Delaporte percussions.

A1 Xylorimba, Xylafricain
A2 Gongs
A3 Cymbales
A4 Djimbé
B1 Cloches
B2 Lithophone
B3 Dun Dun
B4 Beat

THANKS TO HOP (from l'art pénultièmenew link FEB 2015