Ikuisuus / IKASUS-014 / Finland
Ikuisuus is A Finnish label releasing mostly experimental, psychedelic and ambient music on CD, CDR, CS and LP.
"North Carolina's Tretetam is a quietly abstract affair. Tretetam relies primarily on synth and found sounds, accompanied occasionally by other instruments as he crafts ambient pieces to occupy the space between conscious and subconscious.
Tretetam's self-titled is a sporadic in nature. Never straying from his synth and found sounds, he uses these to paint various fragments of portraits that make up the disconnect between reality and dream." (Foxy digitalis)
"Color Rabbit : Psychedelic jams, synthesizer melodies, varieties of acoustic sounds and intriguing soundscapes not unlike what you'd hear emitting from a space farm of acid-addicted critters. A progressive, fut...uristic conglomeration of instrumentation stuck in the late 60's."-Justing Marc Lloyd (Rainbow Bridge)
Color Rabbit : heavy sounded like psychedelic rock, freak rock, Kraut rock / Tretetam : tastes like industrial music sound collages meet hypnagogic pop.
here, by stormy Rain : 320/RAR/MU

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