It's not on the NWW list, but it could be !
Karel Appel is a dutch artist, born in 1921, died in 2006, co-founder of the CoBrA group alongside Alechinski and Asger Jorn, avant-garde painter, sculptor, poet and at least experimental musician. You can get more informations on wikipedia (eng), fluctuat (fr) and here.
Appel was influenced by Dubuffet and his "art brut"/"outsider art" theory, and in this very rare record you can listening to the same experiments of dissonance and spontaneity we get in the Dubuffet recordings (go to ubuweb).

ripped by Rain. Karel Appel - Musique barbare (ZIP/RS)

[Update 15/09] Thanks to Continuo for giving the link of the video :

The Reality of Karel Appel. from Keith Fullerton Whitman on Vimeo.

and thanks to KFW (aka Hrvatski) to upload this madness ! [/Update]

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Anonyme a dit…

La vidéo est redoutable.

Art of Losing a dit…

C'est effectivement très sauvage.

Anonyme a dit…

I've used snippets of this album for a mix-tape to a skateboard contest sometime back in '85 or so. Been a lot of fun! Never thought that I will have chance to see or listen it again, as I could not recall even the name of the artist. Many thanks for bringing my memories back!