YUJI TAKAHASHI 高橋悠治 (2006)

Anthology of musique concrète pieces recorded 2005, except Kumo-rinzetsu, a live computer performance recorded in 1995, Und Flieder in die Sonne (1989) & Time scored for animation by Hiroshi Manabe and recorded in 1963.
"He was trained as a pianist to play contemporary and classical music. Meeting Xenakis in 1963 led to composing some electronic works, but later on he played more traditional music. In the last years he has recited Bach as-well as playing a laptop duo with Keiichiro Shibuya. He is the founder of the Atak label, which before brought Stillupsteypa, Kahn/Cascone/Steinbruchel and Goem for instance, but here go in a totally different direction: an overview of Takahashi's electronic works, starting with 'Time' (1963) up-to to 'GS-portrait' (2005), and appear in reverse order: the most recent pieces start out. But the review goes back first.
'Time' is perhaps the only real electronic/electro-acoustic piece, based on the sound of clock-ticks, treated in a rather raw fashion - but maybe not unknown looking at the year when it was composed. All the other pieces use instruments, voices, electronic treatments and sound like recorded in an improvised manner. In two pieces text is used, one by Gertrude Stein and one by Kafka, written on his death bed. (…) Not easy listening music, but the improvised pieces #2 to #6 are certainly great" (FdW/staalplaat.com/vital_archive/)

Ripped by Rain, may the sun always shine upon him and his family and provided by your servant here :

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