Anthony & Paul - A&P 01 - Limited to 1000 copies
"Anthony & Paul" was an early 80s Experimental Imprint, a United Dairies sub-label, which released one record only. Two Daughters is a mysterious band, perhaps Anthony & Paul ?
You can get the first tape (1980) here (No Longer Forgotten Music) and the ripp by Rain of the LP above.

200 (VBR)/ZIP/MU new link june 2011

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Anonyme a dit…

both links on 'no longer forgotten' and alice rabbit link to the same album (8 track tape).

Is there a DL to the tape with:
A - Kiss The Cloth
B - Gloria

Anonyme a dit…

nevermind, I just realised there was both a casette and vinyl release.

Anonyme a dit…

"Two Daughters" may have been Simon Fisher Turner and Colin Lloyd tucker, who also produced 2 albums as "Deux Filles" - and the picture of the cassette here, with two unclothed figures in a gender-indeterminate style, fits the aesthetic of both Deux Filles and their later one-off collaboration as "Jeremy's Secret" in which their single and album covers were photos of the duo naked....

armeur H a dit…

Thank you for your comment. It seems that SFT always denied to be in "two daughters" (officially Anthony & Paul), but everyone know that he's lying !