Touch Cassette - T2
Compiled by Andrew McKenzie, Jon Wozencroft (Touch co-founder & designer), Mike Harding (Touch co-founder & publisher) & Gary Mouat.

A1 Matador! - Nowever, Ornever
A2 AC Marias - The Whispered Year
A3 Andrew McKenzie - Sigil One
A4 Pascal Gabriel - Machu-Pichu
A5 Unknown Artist - Mother Earth Film Music
A6 Touch 33° (Jon Wozencroft) - Oral Tradition
A7 Graham Lewis - He Said "Argh..."
A8 John Foxx - The Quiet Man 4
A9 Simon F. Turner - Wash
B1 Andrew McKenzie - Sigil Two
B2 Current 93 - Salt
B3 Touch 33°(Jon Wozencroft) - The Crucible
B4 Test Department - Efficiency
B5 S/Z - Text
B6 The Pathfinders - Long Shadows
B7 Not I - Diagnosis
B8 Andrew McKenzie - Sigil Three
B9 Ludus - Corpse Candle

AC Marias is Angela Conway, partner in P'o of Bruce Gilbert & Graham Lewis (Wire). you can get a 7" in Friendsound's blog
Andrew McKenzie is Hafler Trio and Not I
Pascal Gabriel is a renowed belgian producer who worked with Marc Almond, Wire, Bomb The Bass, S-Express, New Order, and more recently Kylie Minogue, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Miss Kittin.
Graham Lewis is the front-member of Wire
John Foxx is the original lead singer of synth-wave band Ultravox.
S/Z is an obscure UK band playing early Cabaret Voltaire (you can get their only 12" on phoenix hairpins )
Ludus is a cult post-punk band leaded by Linder Sterling

MERIDIANS 1 - ripped by Rainier (ZIP/RS)

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The Dead Mauriacs a dit…

Si cela vous intéresse, j'ai ces cassettes parues chez Touch :
Island in-between
Glass music in the ussr
Meridians 2
Touch feature mist
Magnetic north
Lands end
Je peux les convertir en mp3 et vous les envoyer, si vous voulez.

armeur H a dit…

Ce serait très volontiers ! cher HOP
pour la chanson dada, on peut se debrouiller (votre mail et hop, un lien)

Unknown a dit…

Oh thanks very much! Merci bien! I bought this when it came out and somewhere I still have the cassette and all the inlays, although not in the same place. I really can't thank you enough!

Capa Nostra a dit…

Thank you. I've lost my tape of Meridians 1, so 'm very happy having this again. I've posted the Meridians 2, some days ago if you're intetered.


kingpossum a dit…

Many thanks! A marvelous comp. Thanks for all you do here at the Rabbit.

Curious Guy a dit…

Great comp.. Thanks for sharing!

djbethell a dit…

What a beautiful site you have herre. I adore the amazing music. Sublime, xxx

dee_seejay a dit…

A re-up would be immensely appreciated. If not possible then thanks anyway for the post :)