Durto 033CD - David Tibet, Steven Stapleton & Micael Cashmore
Limited Edition of 2000 Copies. Released for and sold at a series of concerts given by Current 93 and Tiny Tim in New York (1996) and London (1997).

1 - Nature And Organisation - To You (Jacques Brel cover)
2 - Current 93 - The Seven Seals, And Their Appearance In Nature (10:19)
3 - Current 93 - The Song Of Solomon And How She Sang It To Me (2:32)
4 - Tiny Tim - My Inspiration Is You (2:05)
5 - Nurse With Wound - Nit-Pick (1:55)

>> SEVEN SEALS - ripped by Rain (ZIP/RS) <<

4 commentaires:

h.f. a dit…

Tiny Tim never played those shows, although his name was on the tickets. He was scheduled to play, but his health forced him to cancel and he died soon afterwards...

Anonyme a dit…

thank you
to you is one of the most beautiful song in my life

from italy :-)

wassonii a dit…

I haven't heard this in some time. Thank you very much!

Antithetical a dit…

Thank you so much! I just discovered this Nature and Organisation song the other night and I've been desperate to have it. I'll buy the CD on Discogs when I have some more money :)