ADN TAPES 14 - cassette
thanks wikipedia : "Born 1953, Riccardo Sinigaglia is an architect as well as musician. He teaches electronic music at Milan Conservatory. He collaborates with the video center of the Faculty of Architecture, Milan University, where he lectures on the relationship between music and image.
His work is based on modes, mean tone, pythagorean scales and complex polyrhythmics: he is deeply involved in ethnomusicology, the elements of which are revisited and employed in his musical language.
In the 80s, together with Walter Maioli and Gabin Dabiré, he founded the group Futuro Antico, a cross between electronic and ethno shamanic music. In 1985 he founded with Mario Canali, the audio-visual art group Correnti Magnetiche (http://www.aec.at/en/archives/prix_archive/prix_projekt.asp?iProjectID=2409) beginning to work with digital system."

A1 Watertube
B1 Ringspiel

Another rainy ripp : NEW LINK RS oct 2012

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Anonyme a dit…

Please, can you repost it, please.

Le vide a dit…

Hi,can you please re-upload this Sinigaglia's cassette?
You have a great blog and this music must live! Thanks!

armeur H a dit…

very soon, be patient.