ADN - RECO1 - cassette
Live recording in Sarzana (SP), Italy, at 'Teatro Impavidi', January 11, 1989

allmusic says : Although they were loosely affiliated with the British progressive rock scene of the late '60s and early '70s, Third Ear Band was in some ways more of an experimental ensemble performing contemporary compositional work.
For one thing, they didn't use electric instruments, or even guitars, instead employing violin, viola, oboe, cello, and hand percussion. More important, they didn't play conventional rock "songs." They featured extended instrumental pieces that often built up from a drone, or hypnotic pattern, to a dense, raga-like crescendo, somewhat in the manner of some of Terry Riley's work.

wikipedia says : Third Eard Band plays an improvised music drawing on Eastern raga forms, European folk, experimental and medieval influences. They recorded their first session in 1968 for Ron Geesin which was released under the pseudonym of The National-Balkan Ensemble.
Their first actual album, Alchemy, was released on the Harvest label in 1969, (featuring John Peel playing Jew's Harp on one track). They recorded in 1971 the soundtrack for Roman Polanski's Macbeth.
After various later incarnations and albums they finally disbanded in 1993.

A1 Egyptian Book Of The Dead 10:05
A2 Third Ear Raga 14:05
B1 Live Ghosts 12:50
B2 Witches Dance 10:00

Drums : Glen Sweeney
Flute, Saxophone : Lyn Dobson
Guitar : Mick Carter
Violin : Ursula Smith
All compositions by Glen Sweeney, Mick Carter and Lyn Dobson
Try this prog-exp-weird thing ripped by tireless rain : 320/RAR/MU new link june 2011

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