Armelder's Wall Paintings
Armleder's paintings/Aubry's scupture
Aubry's Melnikov's Kiosk
From Feb. 5th to April 4th,in the art center "Le Parvis", located in Tarbes (South-West of France), you can see the exhibition of swiss artist John Armleder and french sculptor and musicologist Michel Aubry, curated by Jean-François Dumont, an under-estimated curator and ex-director of the Decimus Magnus galery in Bordeaux.
Amleder reactivated the exhibition he made in the same place 10 years ago ("Wall Paintings 1967-1997"). Aubry re-built - with his own style - a part of the 1925 Melnikov's Pavilion of the USSR at International Exhibition of
Arts and Crafts in Paris and the Fratellini's dressing room as described by Rodchenko.
"La galerie du cartable"(David Legrand, Fabrice Cotinat and Henrique Martins-Duarte) was invited to write and shoot a movie with Armleder and Aubry, but also with the ghosts of Erich Von Stroheim and Rodchenko, talking about the exhibition, the meanings inducted by the repetition and reenactment on their own practices.
This movie is in the same spirit of other made by la galerie du cartable with Michel Aubry (listed here) and the "Shadows's Dialogues" : poetic, burlesque and controversial.
The movies made by Michel Aubry and some by la galerie du cartable are scheduled at VidéoK.01 in Pau (near Tarbes) until April 11th.

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