The post-industrial city of Saint-Nazaire, near Nantes, well-known for his ship-building port and his former german submarine base, hosted last summer the exhibition called The SONIC YOUTH etc. : SENSATIONAL FIX dedicated to the connexions between Sonic Youth and various visual artists, designers and musicians (Vito Acconci, Dan Graham, Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, John Miller, Christian Marclay, Tony Oursler, Richard Kern, Patti Smith, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, John Cage, Glenn Branca, Mike Kelley, Raymond Pettibon, Cameron Jamie, Tacita Dean and Michael Morley, among others...)

At the opening, we could see the four members of SN and some Sunburned's freaks among the visitors. I don't like the openings, but some friends told me SY would play a show there to mark the event with Sunburned Hand of The Man. So, with some friends and a little excitement, here I am... No pictures, no vids, no tape recordings... It was the most powerfull concert I see, better than the Whitehouse one, and, maybe, than the TG one ! The best show of the year !
First, Moore, Gordon and SHOTM's drummer played together, then, Gordon left and one after another the members of SHOTM came to stage, followed by Ranaldo and Malcolm Morley... Electricity, energy, noise and tension rose to a deafening din, a chamanic trance and a final guitar battle. Absolutely astonishing.

The exhibit is now held at Museion, Bolzano from October 11th 2008 to January 4th , and will also go to Dusseldorf, Germany (1/31-4/26/09), Malm, Sweden (5/29-9/20/09).

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