exhibition at Lieu Unique, Nantes
During this Summer occurs in Nantes & Saint-Nazaire, Britanny, France, the Biennale de l'Estuaire.
APNE is a group of artists and students of the Nantes's Fine Arts School, leaded by Michel Aubry and David Legrand, who works on the creation of a new Fine Arts School : new in the pedagogic methods and the building. Their reflexion is centred on the charactere of Eric Von Stroheim's ghost (played by David Legrand) who appears in our time and discusses about the art of today.
Last year, APNE created a "Musique Concrete" Light Opera (music composed by Rainier Lericolais). This year, they convite the audience to assist at the shooting of the last scenes of the movie "La Visite des Écoles d'art" during June. In July, the movie will be shown in his intregality (5 hours), all days at the Art Center Lieu Unique.
More info about the Biennale here (in english)
More about this year APNE Project (pdf) or here (website)
More about APNE

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