01 Ritual & Cross Purpose - Untitled
02 Pink Elln (Tobias Freund) - Lice Skitt Frog
03 Nocturnal Emissions - Metal Frames
04 Sudden Sway - A Short Jingle
05 Praise Company - Untitled
06 Elliott Sharp - Black Rain
07 Greater Faith Cathedral Broadcast - Untitled
08 Soviet France - Ram
09 Lol Coxhill - "3 1/2 4"
10 Det Wiehl - Play Sandwich
11 Satsumaimo Man (Hot Potato Vendor) - Recorded In Yoyogi Japan
12 Suns Of Arqa - Sanskrit Hymn
13 Graeme Miller - Ash Wei-Ei-Wah, Ash Wei-Ei-Wah (Invocation Of Past)
14 Snake Charmer - Recorded In Pushka, Rajasthan
15 Frank Ricotti - Pillow Under
16 Gilbert And George - Twisted And Aggressive
17 Regular Music - Music For Film
18 Wolfgang Wiggers - Alluvium
19 Gregorio - Untitled
LANDS END (ZIP - ripped by HOP)
4th Touch Cassette ripped by Olivier Prieur from the Art pénultième. Soon the 5th...

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

thanks for these shares. I have all the original cassettes but it's great to have them in this format, thank you!!

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for this. Do you have the Regular Music LP that Rough Trade released ? Really great to hear this classic British Minimalism again...

armeur H a dit…

Robin Rimbaud ! Woaoh ! It's an honour to know that my little blog is read by a so good artist ! Thans for the comment my dear.
I don't have the RegMusic LP. Sorry, but if you find it, please share it !