Touch Cassette T33.8
"In 1932, a group from the remote town of Pik Grandiosnyy, situated in the Vostochnyy Sayan near the Mongolian border, set out to escape the Great Famine and headed west. Having eaten their livestock, the villagers were forced to walk; the journey would take two years. This collection represents some of the songs they sang on their way."

This is the last ripp given by Olivier Prieur from the Art pénultième. I'm really very grateful for this remarquable work and patience.
GLAS (ZIP/RS) - ripped by HOP

the last one, grateful thanks to Olivier.

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The Dead Mauriacs a dit…

Si tu es intéressé, je peux t'envoyer aussi :
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Dualtrack a dit…

These Touch cassettes are Pure Gold!
Thank you so much for the shares!

armeur H a dit…

Thank you Dualtrack ! You're an example, you know !

Anonyme a dit…

Hi armeur H,

Thank you for your great work!

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Milton Parker a dit…

track 1 = Hamlet Gonashvili "Tsintskaro"

not the version used by Herzog in "Nosferatu" that inspired Kate Bush's "Hello Earth", but definitely one just as inspiring

Ruki444 a dit…

This is a wonderful blog. I have the first five Touch cassettes from when I worked in a record store. I didn't know about the later ones. A great label.

I'm glad I found your site. Now, when will I get some sleep?