VA - P l Un d E R ph 0 n I c A - Dictaphonics Tape

Many thanks to Thorsten Soltau (m.m label) for sharing this compilation with us. Read the message below for more details.

Here we go……
as a tiny gift to armeur H/alice rabbit and the vault plundering Rainier m.m decided to share a second time some plunderphonical gems from the archives for further treatments and combinations.

the dictaphonic samples are from a dictaphone I borrowed from a friend some time ago. since the original tape was erased and overwritten with some hilarious spoken word jams I decided to save the best parts for me- the result can be heard on a four-tracker ep released in a run of only 23 copies.
since the material will not be used again this is a rare treat to work with some very intimate sources. since the owner of the tape would like to remain anonymous I had to select some recordings out.

the suspiria track is a cut-up I made for a picture disc. the sound was directly taken from an old german vhs rip- the vhs cvlt has arrived on m.m.

all these sounds are free to use. please be so fair and credit the source with my name when you use it commercially.

thanks for so much music and stay creative!

thorsten soltau
m.m label
april 2011

download it here : RAR/WAV/MU new link june 2011

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Domenic Ciccone (AKA Martooni) a dit…

Thank you very much.

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Isaac a dit…

Re-p please.