UFO Mongo 007
Great Paul Kelday record, musician in link with the NWW/ICR connexion.
All tracks recorded in 1985 except B2 (1990) and B3 (1996). Mastered from reel 2-track and cassettes, no noise reduction used.
Most of the material has only been available on tapes before but here in a different mix than previously released, a few of them are exclusive. Very dark analog synth music, spaced out and psychedelic atmosphear. Vinyl limited to 300 numbered copies.
another Paul Kelday item

A1 One Dimensional
A2 Emerge From Nothingness
A3 Short Stay In The Garden Of Optimism
A4 Plight Of The Butterfly Of Peace In The Web Of Hatred
A5 Doomsday
A6 Comet
A7 One Dimensional (Outro)
B1 Dehumanization Process
B2 Gorgon
B3 Trance
B4 Cry For The Moon
B5 Untill The End Of Time
B6 Bonus Track

Thank you RAIN for this gem : 320/RAR/RS new link oct 2012

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Anonyme a dit…

афтар педераст! креатив гавно!

armeur H a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

good day sir...thanks for hard work you are doing! ...dont be mad on russians...mostly we are not dump fucks as the guy from the first comment! *any chance for re-ups of this and Odznsdoz cassette?