TOUCH T5 - Limited edition of 3000, compiled by Jon Wozencroft & Mike Harding.


A01 Regular Music - Purcell Manoeuvres
A02 Margaret Sambell - Metal Harmonica
A03 S/Z - Call It Power
A04 Gilbert And George - The World Of...
A05 Biting Tongues - Feverhouse
A06 Einstürzende Neubauten - Das Letzte Biest Am Himmel
A07 Stephen Kent & Eddy Sayer - Memory Ground
A08 Nocturnal Emissions - Um Eh Eh Eh
A09 Renaldo & The Loaf - Extracting The Re-Re
A10 Kill Ugly Pop - One Minute Of Pure Venom
A11 Strafe Für Rebellion - Rauparaha (Song Of The Maori Rebellion)
A12 Fast Forward - Mamba
A13 David Cunningham - Two Different Places
A14 Touch 33 - Cool In The North

B01 The Residents - Theme For An American TV Show
B02 Gilbert And George - Shadowed Valley
B03 Camberwell Now - Daddy Needs A Throne
B04 Cabaret Voltaire - Diffusion
B05 Gregorio Spini - Passing Japanese For Monks
B06 Last Few Days - Too Much Is Not Enough
B07 Zazou Bikaye - Signorina
B08 Touch 33 - Cool In The North
B09 Wolfgang Wiggers - Casting Of The Skin
B10 Val Denham & Andrew McKenzie - I Touched The Memory
B11 Gilbert And George - Another World
B12 Ricardo Mandolini - Canción De Madera Y Agua
B13 Greater Than One - Urban Psychology
B14 S/Z - Who Is The Author?
B15 Touch 33 - Greenhouse Effect
B16 Silent Tongues - Sadhu Ritual Chant

Regular Music
and Camberwell Now are aliases of Charles Hayward, This Heat's drummer and frontman.
Biting Tongues is the post-punk band of 808 State's Graham Massey and Wire's contributor Ken Hollings.
Strafe Für Rebellion (Benrd Kastner & Siegfried Syniuga) is a german band who developed a personal style of abstract instrumental music that owed a lot to their use of home-made instruments, found objects and field recordings.
Zazou Bikaye is an alias of french new music composer Hector Zazou.
5th Touch Cassette ripped by Olivier Prieur from the Art pénultième. Soon the 6th...

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

the 5th touch-tape already!

thought i know most of charles hayward, but i've never heard about regular music - must be a short-termed project.

thanks for providing/sharing those rarities!

armeur H a dit…

It's my pleasure if it's yours. You're welcome !

Laurent a dit…

Le titre de Noctural Emissions est une pure merveille !

-sto a dit…

there is a very wonderful lp by regular music on rough trade (reminds me at times of andrew popy), which i cannot recommend enough.

Anonyme a dit…

regular music with charles hayward sounding like andrew poppy??? the guy who's music sounded like a 2nd hand steve reich for teenies, who wasn't stupid enough to let his work release on trevor horn's label zang tuum tumb - next to fgth, aon, propaganda, and countless other...?

sorry - but with 16 i was a fan of all of them, but only later found out what bullshit this really is... in my opinion, of course! ;)

Calcinatio a dit…

Most excellent. I used to have this cassette, an utterly fantastic collection. Thanks!