Touch Cassette T33.2
Touch 33 is the alias of the Touch co-founder and art director Jon Wozencroft.
"This cassette covers only some of the cultural activity on Java and Bali, the best known islands out of the 13,700 counted by statisticians, so it is not intented to be in any way definitive. The selections are more like musical postcards of two cultures balanced between tradition and tourism".

Day And Night
A1 Gending Gending
A2 Suling
A3 Degung Instrumental
A4 Genggong
A5 Cremation Gamelan
A6 Dag Combination Dance
A7 Jon Keliehor And Orlando Kimber - King Rama
A8 Ramayana II
B1 Jon Keliehor And Orlando Kimber - One Language
B2 Temple Gamelan
B3 Frog Sound
B4 Degung Instrumental 2
B5 Ducks
B6 Tenun
B7 Anjung
B8 Jon Keliehor And Orlando Kimber - Garuda

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6 commentaires:

Godard a dit…

Thank you this is fabulous - I've the cassette but no means of ripping, so this is very welcome. One of my favourite Touch releases.

vaubu a dit…

This is so beautiful, thanks for taking the time to convert this and post it. I have some really great indonesian recordings on my blog if you are interested.

I will check out some of the other Touch tapes as well, it looks like really interesting stuff. Thanks again!

Stv63 a dit…

Thanx a million for this one.
Looking longtime for this.

armeur H a dit…

It's so a great pleasure ! Thank you too !

Anonyme a dit…

hey, can you upload this again? thanks!

armeur H a dit…

Sorry, I can't. It's available on touch records's shop : http://touchshop.org/product_info.php?products_id=529