Touch T1 : the first Touch Tape !
Compiled by Andrew McKenzie, Jon Wozencroft (Touch co-founder & designer), Mike Harding (Touch co-founder & publisher) & Gary Mouat.
And provided by another great follower of Alice : Olivier Prieur from the Art pénultième. He ripped a batch of Touch Cassettes I'm proud to share with you. I will post one ripp every 2 days.
01 Vladimir Mayakovsky - Final Verse, "Last Poem" (read by Ian McCurragh)
02 New Order - Video 586 - 1
03 Soliman Gamil - The New Nubia
04 Robert Wyatt - From An Interview
05 The Death And Beauty Foundation - Song Of The Houseproud Ghost
06 Hanns Eisler & Vladimir Mayakovsky - Subbotnik
07 Eric Random - Meets The Bedlamites In Cassette Conference
08 Simple Minds - King Is White
09 Tuxedomoon - Shelved Dreams
10 Dmitri Shostakovich - Waltz From "The Bedbug"
11 New Order - Video 586 - 2
12 Flesh - Hesitate
You can get the complete New Order "video 586" here and a video here
Soliman Gamil is an egyptian composer & musicologist.
DBAF & Flesh is AMK
Eric Random is a Manchester Electronica pioneer who worked with early Cabaret Voltaire (more in la folie du jour)

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

a mon tour de dire merci


armeur H a dit…

et c'est que le début ! ahah !

Stv63 a dit…

Thanx a million. I have waited for this a long time and look 4ward to Touch 33.1 (49Euros on Discogs!!!)
Waiting patiently.

armeur H a dit…

I don't have the 33.1, sorry ! but I'm searching too !

dorcia a dit…

Merci de laisser télécharger ces bijoux. Trop de souvenirs à vrai dire. Il y'a plus de 30 ans... Je me rends pour la première fois en Angleterre. Brighton puis Londres. Première adresse ou je vais à Londres : acheter la K7 chez eux.