RE-UP oct. 2012 VA - IMPULSE ISSUE 7 (1995)

Impulse was a magazine published by Mark Crumby (member of the Industrial band Konstruktivists founded by Glenn Michael Wallis, early member of Whitehouse and involved in the early TG experience) dedicated to non-mainstream electronic music (1991-1996).
A compilation of sound collage, spoken word, proto-techno, noise rock, industrial music and alt J-pop.
1 Bodychoke - Whore
2 Secret Archives Of The Vatican - I Often Wonder Am I ...Mad ?
3 Mlehst - I Am The Mistress
4 Jack Or Jive - Ko-Kashita
5 Alan Moore , Tim Perkins And David J - The Demon Asmodeus
6 70 Gwen Party - The Love Fried
7 Tea Culture - Clean Family Values
8 Cabbage Head - My God (It's Full Of Stars) [Twisting In On Istelf Mix]
* Bodychoke : Kevin Tomkins (Sutcliffe Jügend, Whitehouse), Paul Taylor, Gary Kean, Jamie Hitchens, and Mike Alexander. Dark, violent and intense "rock" based material.
* Secret Archives Of The Vatican : Vince Millett, Louis Counter
* Mlehst (All Brentnall) : English experimental noise project founded in 1991 which released many cassettes and vinyls (often in small quantities) until the project started to wind down in the late 1990s.
* Jack Or Jive : Founded in 1989, this japanese band only has two members, Chako and Makoto Hattori. While Makoto remains mostly behind the scenes handling technical aspects of the music, Chako is a visual spectacle of wild or spikey hair, flowing priestess gowns, strange talismans and heavy, morbidly styled makeup.
* Alan Moore, regarded by many as the greatest ever comic-book writer ("Watchmen", "V for Vendetta" and "From Hell"), Moore has also shown a major interest in magick and the occult and has worked with a number of musicians to release his particular philosophies in musical form, like Tim Perkins (who recorded 5 records with A. Moore) and David J (Bauhaus, The Jazz Butcher, Love And Rockets, The Sinister Ducks)
* 70 Gwen Party : Experimental rock band from UK, centered around guitarist Victor N'Dip.
*Tea Culture : English experimental sound collage group, based around a duo of Neil Davies and Phil Todd. Primitive version of turntablism.
* Cabbage Headaka Si Begg

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