VA - ANTI-DISC 1 (1990)

Anti-Utopia Flexi-disc
17 minutes compilation of experimental music and noise rock (a little scratchy, you know, flexies are not optimal sound support).
A1 Peter Van Riper - Acoustic Metal Music 3:06
A2 Michael Pullen - Super Flys Best Friend 2:22
A3 Nadia Coën & Genvieve Hayes - Industry Thermo Euclidique 2:10
B1 Christian Marclay - Untitled 0:49
B2 Circle X - Saint Sebastian Of The Hood (Crash) 5:48
B3 Bodeco - Suicide Ride 1:53
*Peter Van Riper
Detroit-born artist and composer. Born 1940, died 1998. Notable collaborations include performances with Simone Forti, Eugenia Balcells, and Sha Sha Higby.
* Mike Pullen, producer of 1994 Circle X album on Matador.
* Circle X : Tony Pinotti, Bruce Witsiepe, Dave Letendre, Rik Letendre, Mike McShane, Martin Koeb. Experimental rock band from New York which was formed in 1978 in Louisville, Kentucky from the ashes of local bands No Fun and I-Holes, disbanded in 1995.

Ripped by Rain 320/RAR/MU new link june 2011

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Manzano Linares a dit…

Hi! Very appreciated, in fact all of your posts are truly interesting. However, the link for this one seems to be wrong. What I got was Jean Schwarz's Anticycle II. Which in any case is a great acquisition ;)

armeur H a dit…

OOps ! Thank you for telling it ! I'll fix it as soon as possible !

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armeur H a dit…

Isn't it, Rodrigo ? Thank you.