Mute Records - 9 61227-2
Magnificent record by multi-talented german artist Holger Hiller, with the help of Biba Kopf, "Mimi" Izumi Kobayashi, Russell Haswell, Karl Bonnie and Stefan von Campenhout.

1 Königinnen
2 Sing Songs
3 Bacillus Culture
4 Sur La Tête
5 Neighbours
6 Abacus
7 Gut Und Böse
8 You
9 Mosaik
10 Egg
11 Trojan Ponies
12 Cuts Both Ways

Provded to you by RAIN : RAR/MU/192 new link june 2011

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…


it's actually 192kbps.

Thanks anyways!!

armeur H a dit…

ouch ! sorry ! I fix it.

ROOKSBY a dit…

I didn't come here to download As Is as I already own it, I just wanted to reaffirm what a terrific LP it is - 20+ years old & it hasn't dated a bit!