VA - F-RANTS (1988)

Audiofile Tapes/S.J. Org Compilation - SJ/aT1 - C90
American release of the SJ Org label with Audiofile Tapes, a New York industrial/experimental/electronic label run by Carl Howard.
Another excellent compilation by Pascal Dauzier who selected the fine-fleur of the experimental french touch, selected for an american/international audience.
01 THE GRIEF - automatic piece (6:20)
02 LIEUTENANT CARAMEL - donald au moyen age (6:21)
03 LA SONORITÉ JAUNE - hilessia (3:40)
04 CRI PRIMAL - untitled (4:15)
05 LA DESTINATION - diaspora (6:48)
06 LA STPO - idol live (1:10) [aka La Société des Timides à la Parade des Oiseaux, now on the Beta-lactam Ring Records alongside Nurse With Wound]
07 LE SYNDICAT - presque(7:23)
08 GALESHKA MORAVIOFF - untitled(5:31)
09 ÉLÈVE MODELE - the big baboon by the lights of the moon (4:23) [Laurent Perrier from Nox]
10 ÉTANT DONNÉS - mes yeux clos c'est mon coeur entre tes mains (7:18)
11 ORIENT EXPRESS - l'offrande a itzpapaloti live (5:29)
12 PACIFIC 231 - mahol (2:16)
13 JÉROME NOETTINGER - le marcheur de verre (8:59) [Metamkine founder, MIMEO member and electroacoustic composer]
14 ANNE GILLIS - wohohin (3:56)
15 DREAMING WITH VOX POPULI! - luna plexus (6:40) [Vox Populi! + Dreaming Together]
16 PIERRE PERRET - excerpt from Gaia, la terre (7:04)
17 AVERSION SONORE - lai (5:56) [aka Vincent Detours]

Ripped in High Quality by Rain with Hi-Res scans booklet (320/ZIP/RS) in two parts : part 1 / part 2. And don't forget to dowload the 2 files for maximum pleasure !
You can get more Pierre Perret here, more Galeshka Moravioff here and more Châteauroux Underground here !

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