Temple Records, TEMPVP033CD - 2CD
"A film sountrack based on thee life and times ov Brian Jones. "GODSTAR" was thee theme song from a feature film ov thee same name that Psychic TV and friends hoped to begin shooting on Brian Jones' B-earthday on February 28th 1986. Thee saga ov that song's independent release, its subsequent incredible success and sudden sabotage is chronicled in detail in thee accompanying booklet by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.
Also included are illustrations and previously unpublished photographs of Brian Jones from thee 1960's and facsimiles ov unique memorabilia documenting thee L-if-E inspiring meeting S/HE had with The Rolling Stones and Brian Jones in 1965.
These two CDs are thee first T.I.M.E. that all thee songs, instrumentals and soundtrack segments for "GODSTAR-thee movie" have been digitally re-mastered and then assembled exactly in thee order intended in 1986 and includes new songs, bonus tracks and mixes. Thee result is an amazing and classic HYPERDELIC pop experience. Thee first movie to watch with your eyes closed...and with an opened mind!"

PTV are for this album : Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Monte Cazazza, Dave Ball, Drew McDowall, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, John Gosling, Caresse P-Orridge, Rose McDowall, Mark Fishlock, Micky Groome, Tilley, Mouse, Dave McKintosh, Matthew Best, Steve Broughton, Philipp Erb & Gini Ball !
Ripped by Rain, with he booklet (pdf). Enjoy ! GODSTAR CD1 & CD2

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