ripped at 320
Pierre Perret is an obscure french artist, not to confuse with homonymous mainstream french singer.
Perhaps the real french equivalent of Nurse With Wound : poetic Sound Collage, Concrete Music, Field recording for create an ode to planet earth (very more interesting that the Yann Artus Bertrand™/Luc Besson ©'s last conventional/esthetical/heavy pedagogic shit)
Active in the late 80s, he released a split cassette with sound sculptor Jeff Greinke and some material from "Gaia la terre" in various compilations : "Orgasmus Compilation II" (Schutt Und Asche, 1987) ; "F-Rants", a french artist compilation co-released by NYC based Audiofile Tapes, and S.J. Organisation, (French experimental tape label from the eighties managed by the members of La Sonorité Jaune) alongside Lt Caramel, La STPO, Le syndicat, Pacific 213, Galeshka Moravioff, Etant donnés, Vox Populi... ; "La Chair Entre Les Lignes" (Les Ballets Mécaniques, 1988) w/ Etant donnés, Smegma, Emile Beaulieu, SBOTHI ; "Neue Muster Volume 3+4" (Tonspur Tapes, 1988) ; "Woundz Never Heal!" (Harsh Reality Music, 1988) ; La Folie volume 2 (RR productions, 1988) or "Tellus #20 Media Myth" (available on ubuweb : http://www.ubu.com/sound/tellus_20.html)
TRY IT AND ENJOY : Pierre Perret Gaia (RS/ZIP) thanks to Rain.

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