Belial Tapes 001 cassette - ltd edition of 150
Compilation of live tracks by some of the best french bands of the 80's underground : dazibao, opera multi steel, No Unauthorized... Belial Tapes is the cassette label created by R. when he was young (so young ! about 16).
01- Dazibao - Azores (french cold wave band)
02- Dazibao - Fire Of Love (french cold wave band)
03- Pour L'Exemple - Nostalgie (french cold wave band)
04- Opéra Multi Steel - Massabielle (live) (Cult french cold wave band)
05- Opéra Multi Steel - Lunettes solaires (live)
06- Resistance - Rescue (french cold wave band aka Eric Ferrand)
07- Modern Art - Night Ceremony (cold wave band formed by Gary Ramon)
08- Réseau d'Ombres - Burnt Offering (french cold wave band)
09- Celestial Orgy - Fremsley (french cold wave band, I think)
10- Celestial Orgy - Fools Masquerade
11- No Unauthorized - Bang Bang (great track ! french post-punk band)
12- Urbain Autopsy - Boris K is Back (french experimental band, very active in the 80's cassette sharing world, associated to SJ Org)
13- Freitod - Babe (french cold wave band)
14- Sismoid - Titres 2 (french experimental band)
15- El Enterrador Enterrado - No Por Mucho Eyacular Amanece Mas Temprano (spanish experimental band)
it's here, lucky guys and girls ! "Heureux celui qui a pu pénétrer le fond des choses !" (Lucrèce)/ "Fortunate he, who was able to learn the causes of things” (Lucretius)
more and more No Unauthorized here (podomatic) or here (myspace)

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