VA - MADE IN JAPAN (exclusive compilation for AliceRabbit)

art cover & selection by Rainier Lericolais
Compilation with bonus tracks from japanese releases of TG, Fennesz, Mouse On Mars, David Toop & Max Eastley... Hontôni Arigato R-san ! Eternally grateful...

1- Simon Fisher Turner, Derek Jarman & Russel Hasswell - Golden / From "Silence:A Quiet Manifestation Of The Future, Wacoal Art Center, 1993
2- Holger Czukay - Epilogue / Bonus track of the japanese edition of "Canaxis", P-Vine, 1999
3- David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - World Citizen (Ryoji Ikeda Remix)
4- Throbbing Gristle - What A Day (live version at Teatro Fonderie Limone, Turin, Italy - 29th June 2005) / Hidden track of the japanese edition of "Part Two - The Endless Not", Gift, 2007
5- Mouse On Mars - Actionist Respoke (Live) / From "Agit Itter It It", Tokuma Japan Communications, 2001
6- Glim (Andreas Berger) - S/W
7- David Sylvian - Trauma / Bonus track of the japanese edition of "Blemish", P-Vine, 2003
8- Cibo Matto (Miho Hatori, Sean Lennon, Timo Ellis, Yuka Honda) - Jive / Bonus track of the japanese edition of "Viva! La Woman", Bad News, 1996
9- Max Eastley/David Toop - The Dreams Of Inscriptions On Various Surfaces / From "Intercommunication #33", NTT Publishing, Tokyo, 2000
10- Fennesz - Live In Japan (extract) / Recorded at Shibuya Nest on 9th February 2003
11- Cibo Matto - Sugar Water / From "Sugar Water Remixes", Warner Music, Promo, 1997
12- Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday (Extended Mix) / From "The 12" Album", Warner-Pioneer Corporation, Japan, 1985
320/RAR/RS with hi-res cover

9 commentaires:

The Dead Mauriacs a dit…

Il faudrait mettre à disposition la compilation complète "Silence:A Quiet Manifestation Of The Future". Elle est vraiment magnifique. Si tu veux je t'envoie la chose...

Décidément, les deux derniers posts sont très biens !

armeur H a dit…

Merci ! pour la compil, ce serait avec plaisir !

Anonyme a dit…

Great compilation! thanx

armeur H a dit…

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kingpossum a dit…

Bless you! Having just seen Melt Banana at the Troubadour this week, this comp is a nice capper for the week.

Thanks and peace,

armeur H a dit…


Seven Eight Seven Soda Company a dit…

i really loved the whole thing especially "world citizen"!

mb40 a dit…

hey there,

just found this comp and dwnldd it but do u have a year of release to go with this seemingly great compilation. i need it for my tag u c. all the tracks have different dates and i understand it's the songs release dates. so u c my conflict. or should i just date it as 2009?? plz let me know.

tnx for the post, i will enjoy the tunes involved!

c ya, mb40

armeur H a dit…

Hi mb40, I put the songs release dates bt if you want you can put 20009 as the year of "release" (it's a blog edition, you know, not officially release in an official label)