Peripheral Conserve - 2001
Remixes of The Sonic Catering Band by Nurse With Wound (Waldron/irr. app. (ext.), Vastl/Aranos & Stapleton), Clearspot (Colm O'Ciosoig/My Bloody Valentine & Simon Johns/Stereolab) and others...

1- The Sonic Catering Band - Supplementary Phase (17:10)
2- Nish - Foie Gras (5:08)
3- They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - Cosmic Seafood Fusion (10:54)
4- Gregory Kurcewicz & Daniel Hayhurst - Composition No 1 (4:37)
5- Clear Spot - Flavour X (7:17)
6- en-eye - Audio Noodles (Bombay Mix) (8:17)
7- Nurse With Wound - Hindu Monastery Breakfast (8:37)
8- Clare Connors (ex-Balanescu Quartet) - Grace (1:34)

Ripped by Rain (320/ZIP/RS) : HERE !
Be carefull of your Christmas Diet !

5 commentaires:

continuo a dit…

The film Sonic Catering Band leader Peter Strickland released in 2009, titled Katalin Varga, has music by Nurse With Wound and the Bohman Brothers. Great movie.

Anonyme a dit…

The first edition of this CD was withdrawn because of an "uncleared sample" which I think is an answering machine message at the beginning of the CD. It's someone saying he doesn't want to participate in the recording because it's too "out there". Do you know who it was?

Anonyme a dit…

I want not acquiesce in on it. I think polite post. Particularly the title-deed attracted me to be familiar with the sound story.

Anonyme a dit…

Brim over I agree but I contemplate the list inform should have more info then it has.

Anonyme a dit…

The sample was of Stefan Dennis (ex-'neighbours' actor and singer)