Datenverarbeitung/Power Focus - cassette 1982
Compiled by John Balance, before he joined Psychic TV and met Sleazy. Released as a limited edition of 230 copies.

1 Virgin Prunes - Song
2 Cultural Amnesia - Repetition For This World
3 Section 25 - Hit
4 Culturcide - Disco
5 Section 25 - Inside Out
6 Cultural Amnesia - Reprise
7 Raudive Bunker Experiment - Phillipp's Song
8 Section 25 - The Visitation
9 Die Klopferbande - Cadillac Im Ghetto
10 Cultural Amnesia - Dialogue Of Skull And Soul
11 Die Klopferbande - Finale
12 Raudive Bunker Experiment - Bluemix
13 Cultural Amnesia - Secrets Of The Passive Margin

Cultural Amnesia (Gerard Greenway, Ben Norland, John Peacock) are an English post-industrial group active between 1979 and 1983. They were considered as one of the 150 artists, labels and significant influences associated with the UK and European 'cassette culture' of the late 70s and early 80s. http://www.culturalamnesia.com/
Culturcide is a US noise band lead by Dan Workman & Ralf Armin.
Raudive Bunker Experiment : Essentially the group of Andy Wilson from Bourbonese Qualk, active from 1980 until 1982.
• Die Klopferbande : german industrial/NDW band. You can gat full albums on mutant sounds and sickness abounds.

ENDZEIT ripped by Rain (zip/RS)

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David G a dit…

Thank you. Didn't know about this!

wassonii a dit…

Another treasure, for sure.
Thank you, I hope all is well, and Balance smiles on you for this:)