Picture Wave Records 0060
Théâtre commercial is a french band with Antoine Campo, Catherine Rimbaud, Guillaume Loizillon & Jean-Pierre Chalbos. I don't know very much more about them. The cover don't explain anything. I only know that this 11 minutes record is perhaps one of the most intringuing, mysterious and beautiful I've heard when I was 15. Electronic noises, concrete sounds, reverbered voices making a theatrical atmosphere, a little drama for the ears. This little gem here (RS)
A side - Image
A1 Mauvais Rêve (1:00)
A2 Conversation (1:00)
A3 Les Enfants De La Bière (1:00)
A4 Cérémonie (1:00)
A5 La Dynastie (1:00)
B side - Magie
B1 Voyage Immobile (1:00)
B2 Voyage Enchanté (1:00)
B3 Magie (1:00)
B4 Eskimo (1:00)
B5 Silence Une Minute (1:00)
Two tracks appears on compilation IVG Vol.1 : Futur Antérieur, France 75/85
Ripped by Rainier, Hallowed be his name for centuries and centuries !

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tame rat a dit…

i like it a lot, very interesting stuff that i would never have a chance to hear in australia without great blogs like yours . thankyou merci beaucoup