THT disques - CDR 2008

track 1 DJ (Pour Dieter Roth) was recorded for the Opérette de musique concrète played at Lieu Unique, Nantes May 28th 2008.
Music composed and played by Rainier Lericolais with David Legrand (voice) and Michel Aubry (bagpipes and voice) includes fragments of United (TG) and R'n'R Station (Berrocal, Nurse With Wound)

Track 2 La Mort from the soundtrack of "La Visite de Écoles d'art", a movie writed, directed and played by David Legrand and Michel Aubry (2008)

Track 3 La Valse was recorded in Paris with Lili Kim (voice) and Geffroy Montel (guitar)

This CD was given during the Après l'Eden exhibition at Lieu Unique, Nantes.


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