Because Wassonii told me to do it, some pics from my 4 days vacations in Roma and Tivoli, beautiful and astonishing places !Italian frontier near Frejus
neptune fountain - piazza navona
campo de fiori
statue of ephesian artemis at Vatican Museum
Very strange statue : symbol of fertility and fecondity, Artemis have multiple tities ! but Historians said that she's in fact covered by bull's balls !
Artemis fountain
A copy of the Vatican's statue in the Villa d'Este, Tivoli : water spouts out of its nipples.
view of old factory in the Garbatella district
near my Hotel in Anzio
lover's locks on a grid in front of a church near the fountain of Trevi
spices in campo de fiori market

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wassonii a dit…

Beautiful! Never do anything I say, unless it's sharing such wonderful photos! Bull's balls, eh? Here we fry those suckers up and have em with cocktail sauce. I don't think that was a part of any ritual.
Glad you made it back safely. Thank you very much for sharing!

wassonii a dit…

And for the food and spice porn, mille grazie:)

armeur H a dit…

Wasso ! You're welcome ! and thank you for your comments. It's very nice. When do you post again in your blog ?

wassonii a dit…

New posts now:)