Jac Berrocal, the Godfather of French Underground, highly estimated by Steven Stapleton (NWW List, covers (R'N'R Station), collaborations : we could see him as guest star at the end of NWW concert in Paris in 2006).
Discogs says :
Alga Marghen - ALGA 7½ 1999
Picture-10" in a clear sleeve, limited to 300 copies.
1- Flash recorded in London 1999.
2- Soundcheck recorded in Paris 1998.
3- Ain't She Sweet? recorded in Cognac 1999.
4- Plaisir Locques recorded in Paris 1985.
5- I Wanna Be Your Dog recorded in Baltimore 1996.
6- R'.N.R. Station recorded in Paris 1999.

Alga Marghen - ALGA 18 2004
Picture-10" in a clear sleeve, limited to 250 copies.
1- L'union Libre (Lyrics : André Breton) recorded in Paris, 1985.
2- Prière + Extract Voyage Au Bout De La Ville(Lyrics : Antonin Artaud/Jean Vasca) recorded in Paris, 2003.
3- A Satanic Prayer recorded in Warszawa, Poland, 2002.
4- 1555 recorded in Paris, 2004.
10" pictures dics, ripped by Rainier. You can get it here

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