Compilation edited by a brasilian label 3 years after the first split of french minimal-wave Opera Multi-Steel in 1992.
tracklisting :
1- Jardin Botanique (rien, 1984),
2- Massabielle (rien 1984),
3- Du Son des Cloches (cathedrale 1985),
4- Cathédrale (cathedrale 1985),
5- Ils s’éloignent (cathedrale 1985),
6- Un Froid Seul (cathedrale 1985),
7- Jamais plus (cathedrale 1985),
8- Les Sens (A contresens 1988),
9- Las (A contresens 1988),
10- Nihil Novi sub Sole (Les Douleurs de l’Ennui 1990),
11- Les Douleurs de l’Ennui (Les Douleurs de l’Ennui 1990),
12- Premières Loges (Les Douleurs de l’Ennui 1990),
13- Les Martyrs (Les Martyrs 1991),
14- Armide (Les Martyrs 1991)
15- Saveurs de Rigueur (prev. unreleased),
16- Vive le Culte (prev. unreleased),
17- Toi mon Commensal (prev. unreleased).
OMS is perhaps the most known cold-wave band fom my native region (my Berry darling...).
Born in 1983 in Bourges by Franck Lopez (now member of Collection d’Arnell-Andréa), his brother Patrick L. Robin and Catherine Marie.
OMS was seen as the french Dead Can Dance, mixing sounds of "seventeen seconds" Cure era, OMD/Ultravox synth-wave, medieval moods and french 70's folk, with an ironically manner and childish non-sense lyrics.
In 1995, the Brazilian independant label Museum Obscuro decided to release a compilation reflecting the ten first years of the band that has becomed « cult » in Sao Paulo gothic dancefloors. The success of this sampler called « Days of Creation » was so great that Museum Obscuro decided to issue a new album of OMS.
I prefer the first releases (1984-1985), but you're free to make your own opinion : days of creation

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jd45 a dit…

Ca me rappelle un festival au chateau d'eau de Bourges où notre groupe (S.M.Sophie) était à l'affiche avec les Opera Multi Steel :o)